Saturday, July 19, 2008

DNA Samples Anyone?

On one hand we have our PM saying that the 1998 DNA samples TOO old..... here.

Accordingly our PM was told "He was told that the sample taken in 1998 was too old and the authorities needed a fresh sample for their investigation."

That was told to him by the "Authorities". Specialists? or Police?

Now it is clear that even the PM is joining the chorus of bandwagon on asking DSAI to prove his innocence by giving his DNA samples...

"If he is not guilty, why worry about giving a new DNA sample. If he is indeed innocent, there is nothing for him to fear," he said.

He went on to say:

"There is no conspiracy or action to frame him for anything. The government is innocent in this matter," said Abdullah.

Like hell yeah.... How can this be when the IO back then in 1998 and AG today who was the prosecuting officer still around and helming the highest office in their respective roles who has tried to plant DNA evidence against DSAI in the past?

PM's added assurance is indeed puzzling,

"When his wife (Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) came to me asking for a guarantee that Anwar wouldn't end up with a black eye, I gave my assurance.

Oh gee.... but he got stripped and "measured"

But the twist is this.... HERE

"Specimen can be conserved for YEARS." says an expert.

Err... so maybe PM is a better expert?

The expert said while a DNA sample cannot be manipulated, it can however be planted as evidence.

"If it (the DNA) is there, it's there, if it's not there, it's not there. But manipulation of evidence may occur if (say) you go to the blood bank, get a pint of blood and plant it on the mattress," he said.

This is where the fear is... wouldn't it?

Anyway, let the "experts" figure it out. I have yet to see how can our PM assure the public that the investigations will be carried out in a fair manner with a police force helmed by the IGP whom he had reported to ACA for fabricating evidence? Doubtful...


Anonymous said...

LMAO... go read what I write kev... I'm getting bad dreams of people's butt talking these days! Crap. These nonsense won't stop, won't it?

Malaysian Joe said...

welcome to crapland....

warrior2 said...

The IGP and the AG thing are still allegation --just to remind you and that it is still being investigated. The jury is still out there but you beleived anwar already.

The stripping and measured thing--the HKL people stated that at no time that happened. So the jury is still out there but you believed anwar already!