Friday, August 29, 2008

Anifah Aman is RIGHT

The exercise undertaken by Shafie Apdal to take signatures from East Malaysia's BN MPs as a pledge of their loyalty to BN. HERE.

Anifah is right in calling that exercise degrading and humiliating. But Anifah, Shafie is just another one that is out there to prove that he is worth it....

"He is further degrading us. He is making us out to be a bunch of rascals," Anifah said in response to Shafie's move.

"If he wants us to sign why not collect signatures from all BN MPs. I do not see any reason to sign. I cannot help it if he does not trust himself."

At last I see one MP that thinks that Peninsular BN thinks that only East Malaysia MPs are the only ones that will hop.... Pa La la.. why not ensure that your backyard there are no maturing tadpoles first before you cast a wary eye on your East Malaysian counterparts!? After all, you should be thankful to them that you are still in power today. Even if they want to hop.. what can BN do even after numerous pledges of allegiance and signatures pledging allegiance?

Could we read the latest outburst as the straw that breaks the camel's back?


Malim Deman said...

Ho ho ho, gomen sudah habis idea ni!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, what do you tink will happen when the tadpoles finally turn into a frog and jump over? I dun think it'll make much difference...their stinkin attitude will still be's just like changing a name to another.
Poop change to Jasmine, will still be smelly wud.

Anonymous said...

It is nothing wrong to be a "Katak" if the "Longkang" is too stinks and have no food.

In fact, if a "Katak" hope away to another habitat, the old "Longkang" might be started to wonder, "Am I too busuk? What should I do to make myself not so busuk and have food for Katak to eat?"

Malaysian Joe said...

Hi guys.. thanks for dropping a line or two on the froggies... unfortunately there is a very strong leash on these kataks at the moment. These frogs will also be saying.. you first.. me next.. but nobody wants to be first.