Monday, September 29, 2008

United back in Stride?

Manchester United played Bolton over the weekend... damn.. I still have a grudge against Cristiano Ronaldo but I have to admit, if United were to lose him next season it would be a great blow. On his day, he is a one man demolition team. He seems to improve with every season, be it his game or his reading of the game... I just hope Nani learns from him more and not trying to cook up spectacular goals...

The second goal by Rooney really tell on the quality of Ronaldo although Rooney still has a lot to do, it was plain exquisite, but I guess as long as Rondo is with Man United, he will get my support.. damn.. I will hate to see that lad go..

Anyway many will will still gripe over the penalty but I guess, sometimes its raw justice and we got a little bit of luck there that night and looking at things, we certainly can do with a dose of it. The sight of Chelsea and Liverpool topping the league and United being 5 points back with a game in hand isn't really great but the good thing is we are keeping in touch even with our poor form. But, the last 30 minutes was exquisite United flowing and I think many United fans would want to see the team play that brand of football for the remainder of the season. Scholes was imperious in midfield, customary of his old self, Berbatov was as silky as he is but I guess it would do him a world of good with a goal. Rooney was trying to work out one for him that night but I think with his quality, he will come through it real soon!

Euro night again this weekend and it will be great! As Raya provided many of us with a reason to wake up at unGodly hours to watch the match!

What made my week? Arsenal got themselves Hull-ed UP! at Emirates! Muahahahahaha!

Friday, September 26, 2008

End of Abdullah?

AGM postponed till March to facilitate transition of power...


Writings on the wall? Abdullah stepping down ahead of 2010 timeline?

Whatever it is, I feel it sucks because these mofos put Umno ahead of the nation ahead of the economy... why can't they just give up while they sort the mess in their own house? What right have they got to put Malaysians in hardship just because these greedy and selfish buggers want to clean up their house?


Well, selfish? I asked.. look at this statement:

"This is good for the party," Najib said.

"This follows Umno's tradition and at the same time we have taken into account the views of party members, so I think there is a lot of wisdom in today's decision."

Why is it just for the party? Do they for one moment think that it is BAD for the people and the country?

We are just interested in the country damn it! I don't give a damn if Umno will be here tomorrow or Pakatan will rule this country tomorrow.. I just want a government that ensure the country is safe, prosperous, free and fair! What shit are you buggers griping about good for the party????

Thursday, September 25, 2008

History Repeating?

Dad did it... son doing it?

Najib mum on power transition plan

Umno emergency meet tomorrow

Son going one better than the dad? Dad waited one year.. son suppose to wait 2 years.... 2010 but..

To me its like... "Hell! Don't you have a country to run and the economy to manage? Got nothing better to do that to point finger at Pak Lah? So what if he wants to contest? So what if he does not get enough nominations? Can't you wait till then to decide?"

Hmm.. I am sounding much like Pak Lah himself.. Oct 13 not too long away wut.. why can't you all wait? Similarly... Umno assembly not too far away wut... why can't you all wait?

Sure, you will say that this matters much in Umno's life or death... Hey! Is Umno more important or the nation? Nitwits! Where are their priorities?

NET FDI Outflow

Today another damning report was highlighted.

FDI Outflow at Record High... reads the news in malaysiakini.

Not many days ago... now I can't seem to find the article.. if anyone has please notify me. There was an article that our PM Abdullah claimed that Anwar was speaking rubbish when he claimed what Anwar claimed was untrue... Anwar had claimed there was huge investment outflow from Malaysia. That was dismissed as rubbish and if I am not mistaken Abdullah also claimed that what Anwar had said was destabilising the nation... that was what I remembered, but I am trying to locate the article but can't seem to find it... anyway.. this news came about today... and the excuse was that.. hey! now Malaysians are "investing" abroad...

Zainal Aznam Yusoff, a member of the Malaysian Economic Council, told a the press conference held after the report’s release that the net outgoing was caused by Malaysians investing more of their money abroad.

"Malaysia is actively integrating and going into Asean and beyond," said Zainal, adding that a sizeable chunk of the off-shore investments made by Malaysians went into countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, China and Middle-East.

Building infrastructure, such as telecommunications, agriculture, manufacturing, finance and mining were favoured investments. "We are quite diversified," Zainal said.

He said another reason for the greater outflow was because many Malaysian firms had partaken of cross border acquisitions - a stance in keeping with the government’s call to invest abroad.

"The overall balance of payment is fairly healthy, despite the sizeable outflow," said Zainal when quizzed about the figures.

"So you can’t generalise. You must look at the second and third round effect of the benefit you get from the repatriation of money that comes back here and what you use it for," he said.

If that is true then we should be a very rich country in that we are "moving out"... but is it the case? He (Zainal) did not give any statistics to support the statement!

Abdullah called Anwar a liar on this, but who is the liar now?

malaysia foreign direct investment fdi 2008 250908

Further the report said, This took place despite the fact that the Southeast Asian region recorded its highest ever FDI inflow - which leapt 81.1 percent to RM209.2 billion in 2007 from RM115.5 billion in 2006.

FDI inflow leapt 81.1%! From the graph, FDI inflow into Malaysia was up less than 40%.

The report also noted that our outflow surged 81.9%. I wonder who is sending out the money.. hmmmm...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pump Price Down 10 sen...

As expected, they had to ease the pressure and give some "Raya Cheer".

Pump price down 10 sen.... and Fergie.. I did tell you it will be before 26th didn't I? But I wonder which story is bleaker... whether the above reduction of just 10sen? When crude over the last month has dropped to a low of 90/barrel? Or THIS.

Horror of horrors? Inflation jumps the highest in 27 years!!!! 8.5%!??? The damage was already done... 78sen increase... the damage has taken roots.. no amount of reduction is going to bring down the cost of hawker food... nor cost of doing business as many businesses have adjusted salaries to staff due to the sudden increase in fuel prices.. the cost of doing business has risen! Talk about a brainless government that says, with all the subsidies in place, the increase in fuel cost will not cause inflation!? Now do you remember who said that??? Lala?

So, we are suppose to thank Najib and BN government for being so thoughtful and for reducing the fuel price a few days before Raya.... and all the while they said its end of the month... now anyone care to speculate that the next one if there is any will be done right before Deepavali??? Just to placate the Indian voters? And I just wonder if any in the horizon for Xmas and CNY?? All these events coming just a week before the month end...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A country gone Cuckoo

When Namewee wrote the song and uploaded it to youtube... man.. was the government mad... which led to him issuing an apology which was deemed unacceptable... but then we had one bigot that speaks nothing but racial slurs who will not even apologize and had the DPM apologizing on his behalf and the apologies was shoved down our throats.

Today Namewee was grilled....

CCID cyber and multimedia investigation division assistant director Mohd Kamarudin Md Din said Wee is being investigated under the Sedition Act.

hmmm... Sheih was detained under Sedition Act.. I think Namewee is lucky to be just being called to make a statement... I guess the police cannot afford another boo boo after what they did.. (ie taking the fall for Botak's antics)

In fact, they did it again in RPK's being sent to Kamunting... Botak said that it was Police's recommendations that RPK being detained.. gosh.. Botak, you got no balls to own up that it was your decision and your decision alone?

Meanwhile minister Syed Hamid confirmed Raja Petra's detention under the ISA, stating that he was satisfied with the reasons given by the police for the blogger's detention.

"The detention is due to Raja Petra's articles that ridiculed Islam which could arouse anger among Muslims.

"The police had recommended his detention and after going through the papers, we are satisfied that there are strong grounds for him to be further detained for two years (in Kamunting)," he said.


Monday, September 22, 2008



He must be real proud of himself. To think that he has been "loyal" to Yong Teck Lee... To think that he has been a man of his word in that he does not "betray" his boss when he said the above... rather let me summarize as below:

He said he had pleaded with Abdullah not to arrest Yong as it would be a bad move, and had even gone on television with a plea to allow the latter to speak up.

Tan, who has since quit the party, claimed he had always been protective of Yong and that this has not changed in spite of their differences of opinion..

He has shown his POWAH!!

But I wonder if he thinks we are more stupid than he was?

Firstly, his disobedience stems from the fact that he holds office in the current state government. That in itself shows people that he is greedy. Indeed, he craves for the position and power that would have eluded him if he had chosen to stick with Yong's SAPP when he announced the pullout.

Secondly his declaration of POWAH... as SAPP newly-appointed information chief Chong Pit Fah puts it.. "A Shocking Revelation" in that Raymond Tan indeed has the POWAH to tell PM to not arrest Yong Teck Lee! Beat that!

If Yong is guilty... ARREST HIM! If he is NOT... why would you even bother?

If indeed you, Raymond Tan had interfered with investigation by pulling your "weight" around the PM in urging him to stop ACA's investigation? Are you implying as Mr. Chong says, "This is an admission by a BN deputy chief minister that the prime minister can interfere with ACA work,” Chong said in a statement issued yesterday.

So, it is true that the ACA and Police are under the thumb of the government.... Mr. Raymond Tan has just confirmed what we have said all along.. ACA is NOT INDEPENDENT! And he even implicated PM in obstructing justice! If what he said is true.... anyway....

And, now.. please give the good lap dog a bone....

After the meeting, Musa announced that Tan would remain as his deputy for now.

A final decision on the matter will be made after Musa has met with top BN leaders.

And why am I not surprised if Mr. Tan is indeed a double agent? If he is a lapdog.. I really wonder whose side is he on?

Horrible Display...

Last week after Manchester United lost to the scousers at Anfield, I was gutted and lost for words. But a few days later I thought, well, Man United played well albeit for the first 20 minutes or so... thereafter they played like headless chicken and the defence was in shambles, no thanks to the part of Edwin van de Sar who for most part of the match looked rather uneasy and rightfully so, he was the cause of Wes Brown's "equalizer". On the other hand, Wes Brown's performance was mediocre to say the least... then again, so was the entire team!

We did not lose to a better team... we lost because we played like a loser. We lost every ball in midfield, all the tackles were mis-timed.. in fact every player tackled like Paul Scholes. Now, Scholes isn't one to be famed for his perfectly timed tackles.. is he? Then when we had people like Ryan Giggs committing errors such as those that led to Liverpool's winner... I guess Manchester United deserve to lose that night....

As in the case with Manchester United... their poor form is not a one off thing.. it goes on in a stretch! Again, they were woeful against an average Villareal side in midweek's Champion's League opener.. (which I did not bother to wake up to watch, but I think I know what United is capable of after coming off a morale sapping loss to Liverpool) and neither do I think that they will recover when they travel to Stamford Bridge last night. Again, they were superb... well, until they grabbed the lead... then with their performance, I was horrified! The fear of Anfield repeating was so real that I shudder to think of the outcome.

Park Ji Sung was abysmal, he ran around like headless chicken and I thought he got lucky with the goal, being at the right place at the right time, but apart from that he was clueless.... Berbatov? He did show glimpses of what he is capable of but too far and few apart to make a difference. Maybe he did not get the right support as he cuts a lonely figure up front most of the time. The worst I think could be reserved for Edwin van der Sar while his substitute Kucszak fared just a tad better if not just as bad... United should count their luck when Joe Cole and Lampard seemed to have left their shooting boots at home, otherwise we would have been ROUTED.

Then again, like any United fan, I think they will be able to turn the corner. After all, they are famed for their slow start to a campaign but, I guess they better start to run before Chelsea disappear over the horizon. With Liverpool the perennial underachievers, I would probably put Chelsea as the most potent contender... Arsenal while showing industry and confidence... may just fade away like the last season. I do not think they have enough depth in the team to carry them through a tough season. At the end, the top 4 spots will be shared by the top 4. Manchester City??? Nahhhhhh! They are far from it....

Say NO to National Service

Although I had not written much about this for a long time, it does not mean I am in favour of NS. The numerous deaths at NS itself warrant the whole NS to be suspended until they can guarantee the safety and well being of the children entrusted to them.

Parents should not be compelled to send their kids to NS camps! It should be made on a voluntary basis! And NO, I do not wish for this sort of stories to surface again next year. HERE. Wonder if the DPM knows how much money was spent to raise a child from birth to 18 years of age and that it takes a dirty camp and brainless camp administrator to take one's life away... and if that is not enough, they normally come up with right down lame excuse on why the child dies... I guess drowning in toilet is one that I can never comprehend.... and no amount of money can help the family recoup back the child they lost and the 18 years spent only for the careless government to take his/her life away...

Our DPM talked about Zero Death. But I have yet to see them announce nor implement any steps to ensure Zero Deaths at NS Camps nationwide.

Mr. DPM, until you can prove to Malaysians that NS Camps are totally safe and that your instructors are human enough to recognize that the participants are children and not conscripts, you MUST give the parent the option of whether to send their kids there.

There should be NO compulsion


To ISA or Not To ISA...

That seemed to be the question on everyone's lips during a meeting between Palala, Botak and EyeGeePee... but our so called Top Sekret team that went snooping had this meeting transcribed and it is anything but... syioking...

Palala: Eh... botak... wat you think now? wan to ISA dia orang ka?
Botak: sape?? sape??
Palala: tu... you punya critic.. RPK... pas tu ada pulak I dengaq kata, tu pa nama... Sinchew punya reporter yang report pasai tu Ahmad... buat kita orang susah je...
Botak: hmmm... camna kita nak buat ah?
Palala: ISA boleh?
Botak: hmmmm...
Palala: Dei.. botak... hang kan menteri I? Kalo I dok tanya hang dok hmmm.. buat apa I suruh you jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri? Perabih duit aje...
Botak: Eh... Palala.. jangan camtu... nih.. apa.. decision you buat tapi I yang kena face dia orang tau...
(IGP dozing off......)
Botak: Okay la.. Palala... kita suruh polis hambat dia orang masuk lokap atas ISA!
IGP: huh??? What?? What??? What ISA?
Botak: tu la.. suruh you datang meeting you asyik nak tidoq jer... I say, we send RPK, sama itu Sinchew punya reporter masuk ISA... sama-sama hantaq itu apa nama Teresa Kok sekali.. dah lama I nak ISA sama dia... sejak itu nude squat sampai skarang... tapi kita hambat dia masuk sekali atas tuduhan Utusan hari tu..
IGP: Botak... ISA kan bawah tugas you?? Polis tak boleh guna ISA la...
Botak: Itu undang-undang kita yang buat.. I cakap polis.. polis la.. buat apa nak libat saya sama Palala.. you orang take the responsibility la..
IGP: Mana boleh la.. you orang buat, kita tangung nama busuk...
Botak: Hang cakap lagi? Sapa bayaq gaji?
IGP: (mumbles under his breath) rakyat la...
Botak: WHAT?????
IGP: err.. krajaan.. krajaan...
Palala: hmm.. if lidat then its good kan? we just say we are not involved.. its the police... muahahahaha....
Botak: Eh.. Palala.. I am smart too right...
Palala: boleh la.. sikit sikit...

So after that, the news were well documented, the nation agonizes over the blatant use of ISA which the government has gone to great lengths to explain why its needed and how the decision was made by the police alone... then came the release.. it was said by our "Top Sekret team" that the following then took place at the Backlanes of Putrajaya over teh tarik...

Palala: Looks like it backfired la.. the reporter, RPK, Teresa and itu kickdafella... looks like we kena kick.. walhal.. whats his problem?
Botak: Aiyo.. Palala.. you don't know ka? He hang to flag upside down...
Palala: Tu la.. you all make decision, never think... he got hang you upside down or not?
Botak: err.. no la.. but he hang the flag!!! he tunjuk kurang ajaq!!
Palala: to whom???
Botak: to you la! and our gomen!
Palala: Izit?? How come he never send err.. memorandum to me one? Now how?
Botak: I think ah.. since itu rakyat semua punya keji kat kita nih.. kita bebaskan mereka la.. hanya itu beban RPK kita ajaq dia lebih sikit...
Palala: so? what are you going to tell the rakyat?
IGP: Haih.. Palala, as if you tak tau si botak ni? He will blame us la... ask us to do this.. do that.. then he say he is not involved... semua polis... I nak hantaq polis kita cari Sharlinie semuer, dia cakap, tak payah.. hantaq polis pegi tangkap si RPK, Tan Hoon Cheng, Teresa sama Sheih.. pas tu, rakyat marah kat kita.. apa I boleh cakap? Si botak punya angkara.. kita tanggung....semuer polis tanggung.. apa nak buat?
Palala: Sigh.. nevermind la.. its all for the greater good... now we ask si Jeep to lower oil price.. people will soon forget that we still have RPK in ISA... they will celebrate Aidil-Fitri and all soon will be forgotten... thats the way we play our game now.. hopefully..
IGP: Camner pasal tu si-liwat?
Palala: I think... sampai masa kalo dia ada cukup katak... maybe I oso join in the lompat lompat la.. this ship... they have too many captain... I cakap pun tak guna, kapal cannot jalan... might as well lompat and at least as the backbencher I can tidoq lena sikit...
Botak: ??????? Eh.. Palala.. what are you saying?
Palala: Ooh.. forgive me.. I membebel only..

Free RPK!


Please go to Haris's People's Parliament... HERE

Putrajaya within Reach... is this the real dawn? Seems that even Kak Wan says that Pakatan has enough numbers and Saifudin Nasution says that they are playing by the hour...

My call to Pakatan is... Make it QUICK! And Bring RPK OUT!

According to Haris Ibrahim's blog,

"RPK’s habeas corpus application had been scheduled to be heard on 26th September.

It has now been brought forward.

It will now be heard tomorrow, 23rd September, at 9am at the High Court, Criminal Court 2, Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, Jalan Duta, before Justice Suraya Othman.

Please be there to lend support to RPK."

Lets see if the judiciary has enough balls to do the right thing... after all, they have denied the Hindraf boys their freedom...

New Finance Minister.. New Fuel Price?

I have anticipated all these while that the struggling BN government would want to do something popular in order to regain some lost "goodwill". They had forfeited their ISA card and if they persist with Abdullah, they would have forfeited their fuel price card as well. But now with the PM in waiting in charge of the Finance Ministry, he would want to secure his position as the new PM of Malaysia by doing something for the people....

While PM did ask us to "Wait la." to questions on fuel price reduction... the sounds coming out now is somewhat a bit different. Decision THIS WEEK.

Talk as they want... I can tell Malaysians that they will decide to lower prices at latest this Friday (26th Sept 2008)... ahead of the balik kampung rush for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. But guess what? Despite it benefitting some who travel home by car... the biggest benefectors of this reduction would be the bus companies who have already charged a much higher price for their tickets and to earn some "windfall" from lower fuel cost... Still they wanna play hardball by saying the cabinet will decide on fuel prices.. come on la.. who do you wanna kid??? 15sen? 20sen? 25sen? Anybody's guess really but no doubt about it... the price will go down before 26th Sept 2008. So, to all out there, keep your tank to at less than quarter at all times... Saving RM5 per tank is quite a lot of money over one week.. :).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Dribbler Speaketh!

What would you expect when Shabeery speaks? More dribble? More saliva spitting statements?



I do not know how many of us tune in to this channel... But it seems that they could be in hotsoup pending a report... for "running a programme on an issue without regards to national sensitivities"

When I read that, I was like.. "Huh??? They are promoting Ahmad "The Bigot" Ismail's statements? That must be the nation's greatest sensitivities if you ask me."

But wait... the topic was "Which is more important, the transition of power from Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak or a reduction in the fuel price?"

He further froth in the mouth saying the following:

Ahmad Shabery said those running the radio station "must be professional” in discharging their duties and not use government machinery to raise sensational and polemical issues.

"If you do not agree with government policies, don't be a government employee. Resign," he said.


ANSWER: I do not think so! In fact it is relevant indeed. Do we want to be bothered with what is happening to one particular group of people or are we more concerned over issues which affect our very lives??? To me, Heck the question is important. As we, the rakyat would not be bothered at all whether power transition is done.. or is it smooth or whatsover as it only concerns BN. To me, if BN cease to be in power, it is IRRELEVANT!

For all your intelligence... you failed to grasp the very reason BN was annihilated from the last election, you seem to think that being a government employee, its their duty to be subservient to your needs? And your perverted notion that being "professional" means to only do what they are being told... BY YOU???

I really wonder if the MAMAK ZAM virus is still prevalent in the Information ministry.. or is the virus actually dormant in every BN member until it is activated by some form of statement or action???

I had thought I may be able to spend the weekend in peace after Teresa Kok and Sheih has been released. Although still pretty much in my thoughts is how is RPK doing and I would pray for his early release... after all, our DPM said that with Ms. Kok's release the issue on ISA arrest should not be an issue anymore.. but I guess it still is... not until after all the ISA detainees are released and be given proper trial to prove their guilt! It was rather ho-hum until I read what that idiot of the dribbler speaks....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Come On Abdullah

As Malaysians who love their country, they would want stability and progress for their country. They would want to ensure that there is certainty and that if there isn't one, they would endeavour to find a solution to it soonest possible.

Malaysia has been mired in political uncertainty for the last 6 months but if one were to analyze the cause, it can be drilled down to the incompetent government that has been running the country. This has given rise to a legitimate claim by the opposition that the government is incapable of steering the country out of the racial divide and economic doldrums. We are neither sure if the opposition are more capable of doing it, but the fact that they have provided Malaysians now with a viable alternative and even if they did not win the last General Election, the prevailing sentiments is that after 6 months, many wanted to change their minds to give the opposition a chance. This was manifested by way of a claim by the opposition that they have enough to oust the current administration.

Lies! Lies! Lies! Cried the the administration. But look, the other side has given the administration AMPLE opportunities to call the bluff. And at all given opportunities the administration has refused to call the bluff. Most recently Anwar has thrown the biggest dare yet by asking the PM to call for an Emergency Sitting on the 23rd September. Naturally the chorus that comes out from PM was a vehement NO.

Understandable.. I mean who wants to call for a meeting to have his own arse whooped? On the other hand, you have been saying Anwar has been lying all these while and this is the most opportune time for you to call his bluff. Yet you chose to answer in the most irresponsible manner citing that the next sitting is 13th October which is 21 days away. Mr. PM, if one of your children say... "papa... grandpapa looks like he has a heart attack!" would you say, "Lets send him to hospital now?" or "No need la... he can wait for the new hospital to be opened in 3 weeks time!"?

Look, over the past 3 days, you, Mr. PM has 2 chances to call his bluff but on both occasions you told him to take a hike... Are you trying to buy 3 more weeks to weed out your hoppers? If you are like us, seriously in wanting to solve the issue and put it to rest as soon as possible you would not have replied in that manner. The fact that your DPM agreed to meet a dropout (nobody) at night at his home, I think the leader of the Opposition who won a landslide at the recent by-election deserved more attention than the dropout... don't you think so? Or are you saying you are less dedicated than the DPM in earnestly wanting to meet and solve your rakyats problems?

Astronomical Stakes...

On the poker table sits two men..... playing for the prize... the PMship of Malaysia.... the story so far... as far as I can see, they have now dealt the river and the final stakes are placed on the table.. the first that blinks may lose the game... in fact the game started as early as March 08 and its still... ongoing... sigh!!!

A: I will deny you 2/3.
B: Pigi la you... you think what? History show you farts won't get 1/3....
A: Ahhh.... now I will takeover the government... I already deny you 2/3
B: You liar! I got comfortable majority... you can never bribe my people..
A: First I will win a by election... to prove to you.. I am a man of my word..
B: Lets see if you can get a bigger majority... hehehe... we will nail you with sodomy...
A: Aha! I did get a bigger majority... now onward to Sept 16.. pirah... sodomy... looks like your man is the one that got sodomized...
(The rest behind B murmuring: He is lying... no way he can form the government... you jump ah? No la.. you ah?? No.. who say its me? Some indistinguishable murmurs amongst the supporters seem to unsettle B...)
A: Lets see... I have more than 31 now.. they sms me to confirm they wanna go with me...
B: Liar! Sept 16 came and went.. nothing oso! SMS oso can ah? I noe you can talak with SMS la.. but to hop with SMS.. comeon la A... you really la.. wanna tell lie oso dunno how to lie...
A: I sent you a letter to discuss smooth transfer... I want to meet you... I am SERIOUS.. dun think I play play..
B: Din get oso... you don't lie and I won't meet you! Give the names! Give me the NAMES!! Otherwise how you wan me to believe you?
A: Kanasai you... you think by avoiding that you can escape? And you think by giving you the names you meet me? Blah la u... After you harass these flers all how?
B: Aha! Now I got defence ministry and you are a threat to national security... and by the way, you lie you lie.. you lie...... why should I harass them?
A: Mafulat... you wanna threaten me with ISA? And how dare you tell me you won't harass them? Look at Ramlang.. Look at Bala... Look at Dr. Osman... if that is not harassment.. what is?
B: No... did I say I will arrest you under ISA? I say you are a threat oni ma... That is not harassment la.. come on... thats call threatening...
(Background.... gasping.....)
B: You liar! You don't have the numbers... stop lying!
A: Okay... Lets have a Parliament Session.. an emergency one... you chicken.. don't dare meet me one on one.. then we meet in Parliament... High Noon at OK Corral style.. you bring your kuncu-kuncu.. I bring mine.. then we see.. if need be I bring the Agong!
B: Why la wanna meet? Dowan to meet!The next seating not too far away wut.... why so kancheong? Cannot tahan liao ah? (Sounds like the final taunt of a desperate bluff?)

The story ends after so many seasons in yet another cliffhanger... seems like this is the longest poker game ever played folks... stay tuned for more updates on the new season.. and we wonder if the next one will be curtains for a long drawn saga... many are tired liao...

A Sore Loser....

Remember back in your school days... when you are still a young kid....

Well, I would not categorize all kids into this "sore loser" category, but I think before we learnt or understand the lesson of "sportsmanship", that in any game there are winners and losers and that losers irrespective must display the highest level of acceptance that he/she lost to the better player of the day and one who truly believed that he is still the best but, today is just not the day but, I will still have my day of glory someday.... We as kids would...

Sulk and pout when we lose something.. or when someone out there say, "I dowan fren you already!" We then go running the other side to solicit some friends and support and we turn back to the other side and pull a tongue out or make monkey faces to taunt them as if to say.. "Nah!! You think you are the only fren meh? See I got new fren liao..". Back then, we played what I tell my kids, playground politics... yeah, we learnt politics a long long time ago!

Then as we grow older, we learn that we must be more "gentleman" in facing a loss or defeat. Sometimes being a sport is something that we inculcate into ourselves over a period of time. But we still play the playground politics but we have taken it a notch further. The playground is now the office where the speed you climb the ladder and the fat bonusses depend greatly on how one play the game.. Well, I am not saying every office is of the same, but in many offices we see the game being played at ALL levels and all times... but still, we go back to the playground politics that we have mastered since young as and when we face rejection or setback from your so called backers, you tend to rant and sulk over the other end of the divide hoping to curry for some support... well these things happen.. I do not deny that these sort of events do play out in front of my own eyes sometimes in my very own department!

So, lets take it a few levels higher, beyond the upper management and boardroom the high offices of our country, this game is still being played but then the stake rises to astronomical value. At the pinnacle of it is the outright power to rule Malaysia for the next 5 years. With it comes many many perks....

Now, I do not want to talk about who will rule the country but rather my fixation at a sore loser at the game of playground politics.

Remember when Zaid tendered his resignation, Abdullah told him to take two weeks leave and to that he replied that "I am not tired. I am disappointed." That statement encapsulates Zaid's disillusion with the hopelessness of the current administration in instituting the reforms mooted by the PM. Zaid went on to heap adulations but gave a damning verdict on the cabinet and probably singling himself out as a liability to the PM's efforts. But what did Pak Lah Say? "He can say whatever he wants." (Sorry I can't find the article but it was what I heard on Bernama TV the other night)

Then, when SAPP announced their decision to come out of BN... Pak Lah called them "nuisance" I mean, sure... SAPP has been a pain in the neck... but it would have been better for BN to sack them wouldn't it? That would keep your dignity that you ditch them.. rather than they ditch you... After all you have given them a show cause and they have dutifully replied but you have kept them in cold storage since... I think they deserve to evaluate their position and resign, which they did. So, for me, I guess, the best is to accept their resignation and move on. Is there any need to snitch at them?

Sounds pretty much like a sore loser... ain't it? Where is the dignified gentlemanly conduct of a man who sits at the highest office in the land yet displaying the very characteristics of a sore loser of a game played by kids?

Update! more of sore loser statements!

Abdullah also brushed aside calls made by Mubarak's - association of ex-BN MPs and state assemblypersons - for him to quit immediately.

"It does not matter, let Mubarak say whatever, they are pensioners already," he said.

Gosh... coming out of a PM... first he said, Let Zaid say whatever he wants... Let Anwar say whatever he wants.. Let Mubarak say whatever they want... Next he will say, Let everyone do whatever they want...??????

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ISA for fun? Now they go for Kickdafella


The police have arrested another blogger, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, in Kota Baru this afternoon.


According to PAS parliamentarian Husam Musa, the blogger ( was picked up from his house.

Another blogger has been arrested under ISA. This time its Sheih Kickdafella.

The latest update and as informed by Michelle and also in Malaysiakini... Sheih is being detained under Sedition Act or Akta Hasutan. The article can be found in the link above. Thanks Mich for pointing out my mistake.. my bad..

Reason: "For flying the flag upside down to show the world that Malaysia is in a state of distress"

Damn the government...

This latest action of the Government can be traced from my earlier recollection of my thoughts and as I rant that I would have done it but I love my country too much to even contemplate that although it is Internationally accepted as a sign of distress: HERE

As part of this article that I wrote on Aug 20th, I said this...

He said that the act of doing so is uncouth... Golly... he must have learnt a new word... he just need to look around his BN MPs to seek real definition of uncouth.

And he adds this... "Abdullah, meanwhile, hoped the police would act on the matter."

Anyone care to speculate what would happen next? Forget the fact that the IGP is recuperating from his heart surgery in hospital. The good dog attitude will prevail. A bunch of police will probably arrest Sheih and hold him in custody for a few days just like they do PenarikBeca? Eh?

Since Abdullah has labelled Anwar as a "threat"... will they go after him as well?

The way I see it, the only threat now to Malaysia is the BN led government....

Musical chairs...

Malaysiakini headlined their breaking news as Najib takes over as finance minister.... could easily have suggested that something is lurking and Abdullah is relinquishing power... but wait... Abdullah will take over the Defense Ministry! These people are playing musical chairs!!! Najib also takes the cherry of being the Chairman of Khazanah Holdings...

So, will this mean that Abdullah's 2009 Budget be rendered obsolete? Will Malaysia see another budget being tabled? If not, then is Abdullah putting Najib to face the barrage of questions during the Budget debate scheduled after Aidil Fitri? Well, that is only the tip of the iceberg....

Now, Abdullah taking over C4 Ministry could be in one stroke of pen roll out the tanks and declare emergency? Is Abdullah giving up the money for raw force and power just to keep himself in power? Or is he taking over the ministry so that he can now solve the mystery of missing C4s? Or does he intend to........

Lets read between the lines here...

The prime minister also described Anwar as a "threat to the country's economy as well as possible threat to security".

Defence Ministry = Neutralizing the "threat"?

And the fear is real in this updated post where the PM has not discounted the "possibility" of having Anwar under ISA?

On another note lets read these few lines in tandem...

Abdullah also said that he may step down earlier than 2010 depending on Najib's performance.

"I will decide when I want to go... I will not be staying more than 2010," said Abdullah.

"If I should want to go earlier, that is flexible. That is the flexibility we have arranged," he said of the transition plan forged with Najib after disastrous March elections that triggered calls for him to quit.

"It depends on the progress of the role I am giving to Najib. Let's see what he can do. At the same time, I'm looking at things I need to do - reform measures, social measures to deal with the poor.

"Handing over is a process. We will study the process and as it goes along, we will decide accordingly."

However, both leaders nevertheless reaffirmed their commitment to the 2010 power transition plan.

So, I guess, this is the deal. It may be sooner.. but it depends how "good" Najib is in getting up to speed.... so if Najib is a good boy, it may be sooner... if he is a nottie boy... 2010 la...

Then he went on to say this piece.. I wonder if he is asking for an opinion?

"I will not indicate what plan I will take, what I do will be in the best interests of the people and the country," Abdullah said when asked what action he was going to take.

Does he know what is in the best interest of the country? I mean... when the whole nation literally went ballistic after the recent ISA arrests and he seem to know what is best when in one interview he said that ISA is a good law for the country... contrary to what Malaysians think... so do you believe that he will do everything in the BEST interest of the people and the country?


While BN rocked ... and by the way, SAPP pulled out of BN to remain independent (They had promised to make a decision some time back to have this meeting and announce it on 17/09 and they DID!)... for now... and Pakatan is not without their own problems where the simmering row between Tok Guru and their wayward Terengganu commissioner Mustafa Ali came to boil again.

So while the nation slip and tumble... the two political groups are trying to unseat, disrupt one another with whatever means possible... so, what do we rakyat do? Sit and watch..... and if you care to find out what Malaysian Joe thinks...

"Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Tuanku, dissolve the Parliament and hold fresh elections and once and for all settle the dispute... the winning party will be given the right to govern the country for the next 5 years. No doubt that BN won the last election, but by virtue of their inability to function as a government and chart the nation's fortunes over the last 6 months and compounded by their own internal bickering is proof enough that a fresh round of snap polls is required to settle the score."


In July I wrote about the on going Texas Hold Em that our politicians are playing in Show Hand.

That was 4th of July mind you... today 17th Sept 2008... and they are still playing the game... past the designated date of 16th September. The stakes are getting higher as Barisan kept upping the stake to call Anwar's bluff, but on every occasion, Anwar manage to up the stake and keep a straight face.

Lets see, since then....

Anwar implicated in sodomy... Anwar won by bigger majority in P44 Permatang Pauh... BN send a team of 49 backbenchers on a pleasure trip to Taiwan... Anwar claimed to have sent a letter to PM to discuss the "smooth transition... PM claim the letter was non-existent.. the whole BN wants to know the list... Anwar says, "No can do... you will harrass them." PM says "BULLSHIT! Why should we harass them?"

Now... if we read closely... I remembered clearly, Anwar said that they sent a letter to PM to discuss about the country and the recent ISA arrest... to which the PM acknowledged receiving.. but its the second letter presumably was sent and not received... (That is a question)

Secondly, will BN harass the names in the list? I think we should look no further than the use of ISA on the famous 3 recently to answer that question... looking further back, we have the Dr. Osman from Pusrawi, Bala, the PI in Altantunya's case as well as the transfer of Imam Ramlang from National Mosque to justify the fear of releasing the list of names...

Why would BN be so anxious in wanting the list of names??? The answer is a no-brainer actually.. but BN does have a choice.. either to use the carrot or the stick on the list of names...

No doubt that Pakatan now says that they are not fixated on 16th Sept but I guess their credibility did take a knock when despite all the chest thumping and loud proclamation nothing happened and that BN is claiming a morale boosting victory when nothing occured, Pakatan must now show some dissenting voice, a few names that dare to come out and move across the divide immediately to prove to the people that all that talk is not empty... Pakatan MUST add the pressure... Pakatan MUST UP the stakes.... before BN gets bolder to call your bluff...

Well, the article earlier was written in a jiffy before lunch and it was after lunch that with a more comfy stomach... err.. to all that is puasa-ing my humble apologies, it was not my intent to tempt you guys on empty stomachs... now.. back to the story... Come to think of it....

PM, Abdullah has the ace that he could play yesterday. He could immediately say he would meet Anwar regardless of whether the letter was sent out or not. Then it would be up to Anwar if he has the balls and guts to meet Abdullah with the "list". But Abdullah chose not to meet him and so the bets goes on... Abdullah could have hit limit up and wait for Anwar to fold or call, but he chose not to... why? Is it a lingering fear within Abdullah that he may have more than 30 turncoats in his midst? Could it be that Abdullah is only carrying the Ace of Hearts and fearing that Anwar is holding the Ace of Spades? Why the delay Abdullah? Why the delay Anwar?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zaid, A Misfit...

To Umno and BN that is... HERE

And that is probably why he insist that his resignation yesterday is FINAL. And his damning verdict on state of affairs.. HERE.

As an outsider and not a "registered" member of any of the opposition parties, We are inclined to believe that it will be a plus point, if Zaid were to join Pakatan and if... only IF Pakatan were to take power, We believe he will have a whole load of support in carrying out his planned judicial reforms.

It is sad, really for BN to be stuck in their feudalistic approach to modern day politics... It is sad, really that they have failed to react positively to the drubbing that they received in March. It is sad really, that BN now can longer provide Malaysians with a viable alternative. Hey.. wait a minute, We should not be sad... We should be happy that this BN ship is being ripped apart at its seams by the warlords who, instead of pulling a pail to bail out the ship are tugging at whatever bits left to climb to the top of the watchtower which inevitably will go under as well.

So Zaid, we applaud your decision to resign and to not reconsider your PM's plea for you to stay on. Indeed there is nothing more that you can do with the bunch of mofos there. We also believe that you have much more in you to be righteous and fair. We also call upon you to contribute to nation building with your talent and skills. We are sure your passion and skill will be needed.

So, with Anwar claiming that he has more than 31 MPs wanting to hop, all that is left to do is.... wait.

Related news to 916. HERE. HERE. HERE.

Clearest yet, Anwar in a Q&A published by Malaysiakini.. HERE.

Anwar's Sept 16, Press Statement in full as from malaysiakini .. HERE. But PM says that the takeover bid is a political lie. Err.. then may I suggest that the PM meets Anwar to call the bluff? Or rather he sits and wait till Pakatan goes to see the agong?

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Federation of Malaya celebrated their independence on 31st August 1957. Incidentally, the inclusion of North Borneo in to the expanded Malaysia was supposed to have taken place on 1st June 1963, but then it was postponed to 31st Aug 1963, to co-incide with the 6th Merdeka of Malaya. History also has it that it was further postponed to enable United Nations time to conduct a referendum regarding their participation into an expanded Malaysia coupled with objections from Indonesia and Philippines added to the delay.

But Malaysia would not be denied. We, the Peninsular together with our Borneo brothers and sisters created history on 16th September 1963... Malaysia was born. Hence, today, we celebrate 45 years of union and of nationhood. We are Malaysians... lets celebrate our union as a Nation. Happy Malaysia Day.

Chest Thumping?

In a Malaysia Day rally yesterday, there were more chest thumping activities than substance, where Anwar spoke of Pakatan having sufficient numbers to form the new government. While the expected exodus did not happen as many had expected, Anwar put a new twist on the whole saga.

Now it will be a few weeks from now.....

Well, again as in one of my comments, I did not expect anything to happen, but based on what Anwar had said, it may be a good thing. Some hints that he has given out...

"Tomorrow, we are ready. But the best time (for the takeover), I tell you, is when we meet the prime minister.

"A peaceful transition is paramount," he added, conceding that there will not be a change of government tomorrow as he had promised earlier.

Question: If the PM knows he will have his arse whooped... do you think he would want to meet up? Unless, the hoppers send a strong message. To this Anwar had earlier said at the rally that they are ready to form the government TODAY.

"We have the numbers but we want to meet with Abdullah, show him the evidence and work out a handover because we want a peaceful transition," he said to the jubilant cheers of the crowd.

Apparently the frogs are not yet ready to surface.

Then he further promise to reduce 70sen from fuel price...

Anwar also said that he would reduce fuel prices by 70 sen the very next day after forming the government.

What if the government reduce the fuel price by 70sen today? Does this mean if he were to take power he would further reduce by 70sen? He should have said the reduction from today's prices.. well maybe I am reading too much into the statement.

Anyway, could we be expecting more? Can Anwar prove me wrong that nothing is going to happen today? Heck, this is one time that I loved to be proven wrong!

This is what Anwar claim his new government will uphold.

"The Pakatan Rakyat government will uphold justice, a free judiciary, a free media and a professional police force," he said.

Datuk Seri, I hold you responsible for what you have promised. Do not let the rakyat down should you come to power. We have done everything within our democratic space and power with our votes to hopefully give Malaysia new hope for a new beginning. Please carry out your promises of the above and a promise to take Malaysia out of its current economic quagmire.

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Worrying News...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak are in the meeting at Seri Perdana discussing the transition plan and other recent developments in the country.

The Malaysian Insider understands that nothing has been decided yet. More to come.

No worries... these two decides to stand by the 2010 transition plan... HERE.

Gawd!!! Najib must not be made PM... period. He has too many baggage hanging around him. Any decision to have him succeed as the PM of Malaysia gives Malaysians a sense of deja-vu... akin to the time his dad overthrew Tunku to assume power in Malaysia. In addition to that, what about his flip flop on Saiful and his continued link with the C4ed Mongolian beauty?

Let us all pray that the tadpoles loses their tail fast and start to hippety hop to the other side....

The Stakes are Getting.. Dirtier...

Can the fair minded Malaysians please stand up and tell these mofos that there is no place under the sun for such narrow minded talks about everything special... two muslim groups purportedly defended the arrest of Teresa Kok. To them its justified, because the request to lower the volume of the early morning lectures is akin to deprieving them of their rights to their religion. HERE.

Despite the fact that the Mosques concerned in Kota Damansara and the one in Kinrara has stated that Teresa Kok was not involved! Then you have two "groups" - PPIM and Pewaris making such incredulous statements...

“Matters such as these should be viewed seriously because, if ignored, they could incite hatred in the people, especially the Malays, because their special position has often been disputed by certain quarters,” PPIM secretary-general Dr Ma’amor Osman was quoted as saying yesterday.

“Azans are among the 'syiar' (symbols) of Islam, and she was trying to change or influence the this syiar of Islam,” he said.

When pointed out that the petition by the residents near Bandar Kinrara were not against the azans per se but the religious lectures, Ma’mor said this does not make a difference as both azans and religious lectures are “syiars” of Islam.

“Don’t touch the syiars of Islam at all,” he said.

Let me simplify all that....

You ask: Can touch?
They answer: Cannot...
You ask: this one can?
They answer: Cannot...
You ask: How bout that one? Can?
They answer: Cannot... All cannot touch!

Yet we have the mufti of Perlis, speak of this HERE.

So, do we trust a bunch of blood hounds? Since that they are in numbers, they seem more credible right? Or do we believe a Mufti.. a legal scholar of high standing? Who speaks of matters pretty much acceptable to a sane mind?

Ketika ditemui di Damansara Kim sebentar tadi, Dr Asri berkata, Islam dibina dari hujah dan dasar yang jelas, dan Islam juga tidak memerlukan ISA untuk membela ajarannya.

"Jadi tidak ada alasan untuk menahan orang dengan tidak memberi peluang membela diri. Ini adalah satu tindakan yang salah. Sekiranya orang itu mempunyai kesalahan dari segi hukum agama, buktikan dari segi dalil-dalil agama.

"Cara kita tangkap orang guna ISA atas kesalahan agama tidak akan menghilangkan salahfaham terhadap Islam. Seharusnya diperjelaskan dulu apa kesalahan itu. Kalau misalnya orang itu menghina Islam atau menyeleweng, buktikan dulu berdasarkan Quran dan hadis.

"Perlu diperdengarkan pertuduhan itu kepada orang yang dituduh itu. Mungkin juga, ia hanya satu salah faham. Yang penting perdengarkan dulu hujahnya," kata Mufti yang terkenal dengan kelantangannya mengeluarkan idea yang berani dan telus itu.

Kata Dr Asri lagi, "Islam bukan agama yang bacul. Perbuatan ISA kerana kesalahan agama seolah-olah menggambarkan orang Islam tidak mampu berhujah, terus tangkap orang. Mereka akan kata mereka benar kerana kita takut berhujah dengan dia."

Beliau juga turut mengingatkan betapa bahayanya tindakan ISA.

"Sekiranya ada aliran-aliran tertentu dalam kerajaan yang tidak setuju dengan pendapat satu aliran yang lain, adakah ruang ISA juga akan digunakan? Pernah berlaku dalam kerajaan Abbasiyah yang berpegang pada aliran Muktazilah ketika itu. Dia menghukum orang daripada aliran lain termasuk Imam-imam besar seperti Imam Ahmad juga turut dihukum.

"Kalau di zaman ini, mereka yang kendalikan agama itu dari aliran lain maka mereka yang dari aliran lain itu akan dihukum tanpa memberi peluang membela diri. Ini juga tidak sejajar dengan konsep keadilan dalam Islam," kata Dr Asri lagi.

I hope the people at Pewaris and PPIM who claimed themselves to be Muslims to re-confirm their thoughts with a Mufti on whether what they say is in line with what their religion is all about.

If this is "protecting" ...


Read about Botak's U-turn on ISA Arrest

After Zaid, another minister speaks up against Botak.... guess who? HERE. Looks like Hishamuddin is aiming to distance himself with the sinking ship and is posturing himself for the "reformed" Umno! Either that or he is posturing for similar exit as Zaid Ibrahim...

Besides that, a host of BN chorus boys join in the fray... HERE. My question is this, MCA, MIC, Gerakan.... who started it? Who knelt down before Umno in the past? Why la now only make noise? Are you making this noise to arouse anger and hatred amongst the people? If that is your intention then I suggest that you all SHUT UP.
Botak claimed that Sin Chew's journalist Tan Hoon Cheng was held under ISA... wait.. let me rephrase that, PROTECTED under ISA... this is her ordeal.. HERE.

She claimed that:

Later, the female officer told me that they are arresting me under Internal Security Act, therefore a warrant is not required. On hearing that, I was immediately prepared for the worst.

I was taken to the Seberang Perai Tengah police district office where I was placed in a chilly room...

After clearing my mind and organising my thoughts, I tried to sleep on the wooden bed with the company of the mosquitoes and the noise of dripping water.

After the interrogation session, I was taken to see another higher-ranking officer who told me: "We can both go home now!"

Let me see, to be "protected" means we have to put up with a chilly room... sleep on wooden bed with mosquitoes for company and being interrogated!

Now if we can take a step back and imagine RPK and Teresa Kok that is really under detention!

While I am writing this I read Zaid Ibrahim, the only man with sanity right now who can no longer take the idiocrisy of the people around him. He has tendered his resignation! HERE.

At last he realized his ambition to reform Umno from the inside is akin to throwing salt into the sea.... BN and Abdullah has lost one of the conscience of the government. If this means that Botak got his way after his scathing attack on Zaid, then let Botak bask in his glory for now... his days in power is about to come to an end. Abdullah for all his endeavour has failed to act on the reforms mooted by Zaid and he is now paying for his inaction...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Government beyond Redemption

Ms. Tan Koon Cheng was released this afternoon at about 4pm. Read what Michelle has to comment about it HERE. The part that made me wanna laugh and cry was when botak said that she was arrested to protect her! I have never heard of anyone else in this world where in order to protect you arrest that person instead of according him/her police protection.

The current government should just relinquish power gracefully. The longer they stay in there, the more idiotic moves that they are going to make. To revert to some comments made by Fergie that her weekend was wrecked by RPK's arrest, I think, it goes beyond that!

Arresting the reporter, Tan Koon Cheng as well as Teresa Kok only goes to show that the current administration works in the following manner... If you demand of a pound of flesh from us... we would take a tonne of flesh from you!

What has Tan Koon Cheng done? Reporting on your mofo bigot racist on what he said... so, AAB, tell me that is wrong... I forgot, when I watched the news yesterday you put the responsibility of arrest on Botak, the Home Minister. Teresa Kok? Petition was on ceramah rather than Azan as claimed by Toyol and that warrants ISA? Based on that, I should think that Utusan should be the one shown the show cause letter for lying and attempting to raise racial tensions rather than Teresa Kok as the Mosque itself clarified that it was their speaker that broke down! So based on the two matters, wasn't Utusan that was at fault for wrongful reporting??? Moreover, if the issue is on the residents complaints at Kinrara, we have the mosque exonerating Teresa of all the blame HERE!

Don't get me started on RPK... looks like people do not like the idea of practising Amar Maarof Nahi Mungkar! But, I guess as RPK himself said it, he saw it coming. All these while Botak was hammered and being made to look like a bloody fool would want to think that the power he has should be used to silence RPK. But, I must say, it made Botak looked beyond stupid... any word to describe him? A prelude to Operasi Lalang was what I postulated yesterday afternoon when I saw the news on show cause to the 3 newspapers... and Malaysiakini confirmed my suspicion. HEREand HERE.

I have my entire weekend spoilt by these news that stinks to high heavens. Lost my appetite for lunch and I had to rush home to catch up on news. Reading them on my tiny machine is causing my aging eyes great strain and my heart aches for RPK, Teresa Kok and Tan Koon Cheng. The government has no bloody right to arrest them while at the same time allow Toyol and Bigot to roam free. They have not heard the message on March... I think its time to focus on 916! I call upon BN MPs who still have a conscience to think of the atrocities committed by your comrades.. and if your conscience says your constituency will not approve of it, it is now your moral duty to save your people and save the country!

You need not wait to 916 to make the decision... make it NOW!

Friday, September 12, 2008

In Solidarity with RPK

Haris Ibrahim has this to say.. HERE.

And I wish to echo what Michelle has pleaded in his RPK - In Solidarity.

A message that I have been saying all these while... Umno and BN are forcing our hand to demonstrate so that they will have a reason to let history of May 13, 1969 repeat itself, but I agree and would echo the call of Haris and all like minded Malaysians.. Zorro has something on this too at his website HERE.

Keep our heads folks! Let us not do what these people want us to do! Let us not take to the streets! Let not our hearts rule our actions...

In Haris's words,

People, do not play into the hands of the authorities.

Let’s not knee-jerk.

If we are going to do any vigils or peaceful demonstrations, let these be planned.

Will keep you posted on these, if any.

What I can tell you is that Pakatan Rakyat is holding a Hari Malaysia celebration on 15th September, 2008 at the Kelana Jaya stadium to commemorate 45 years of the formation of Malaysia, since 1963. The event starts at 8pm.

We are going to utilise that event to show solidarity with RPK.

Statement from ALIRAN in solidarity with RPK.

Statement from SUARAM/GMI in solidarity with RPK.

Wild Goose Chase?

First they planned a hasty trip to Taiwan for an agricultural trip... next they send them home ahead of time... and make statements as "some may extend their stay.. etc..etc.." and they claim that they are not trying to scupper the plan of Anwar Ibrahim to form government on 916. OMG!

After PR announced that they are sending a team to Taiwan, you have these mofos saying that some are returning... HERE.

TAIPEI, Sept 12 The four dozen Malaysian MPs who are on an -agriculture- tour of Taiwan will officially end their trip tomorrow, and some of them had already left for home, said lawmaker Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, who organised the trip.

Their return would blunt any excuse by opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim if he is not able to deliver on his promise to topple the government through crossovers by Tuesday because some of the potential defector MPs were in Taiwan.

As the deadline looms, four leaders from Anwar's Parti Keadilan Rakyat are expected to travel to Taiwan today to meet the MPs, said party strategist Saifuddin Nasution.

Tiong, chairman of the ruling Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club, said: -Officially, our tour finishes on Sept 13. In fact, about five to six MPs had already gone back on Wednesday.-

But wait.. five or six has already returned? Who are they? I am sure as the organizer Tiong should know who had gone back... So, these were not scheduled? Wanna send the PKR delegation on a wild goose chase?

-So there is still time to Sept 16,- he told The Straits Times yesterday in an interview.

However, he was quick to add: -But I cannot rule out that some of them may want to extend their stay by one or two days.-

But he said he did not know about any MPs making such plans, even though personally he is planning a private trip to China and possibly Vietnam before heading home.

They are expected to spend the remaining days meeting agricultural officials in the capital.

The Straits TimesNow, it gets interesting... the MPs are no longer in Taiwan... they could be anywhere! But is the trip officially over??? The news report was dated 12th and they are expected to spend the remaining DAYS meeting agricultural officials in the capital??? Some have gone back? Then? They need not be in the meeting? So... they were there for pleasure trip? Is that it?

Come on lar... wanna tell a lie make the story more complete! Purleeze....

Ops Lalang?

Is this the beginning?

Dailies being issued show cause letter.... weren't all these expected? Sin Chew for the bigot's case... The Sun for playing up "sensitive issues" and Suara Keadilan for claiming IGP was paralyzed...

Gosh! Is the issue of IGP now be equated to "menghina"?

I have been reading The Sun.. yeah.. although I boycotted MSM, I read The Sun not only because it is free, its because I find its reporting pretty fair but I have never once found them playing up sensitive issues. I really wonder why they did not send one show cause letter to Utusan for playing up Toyol's claims?

Just because you have to suspend one maggot from your party, you are now venting your anger at Sin Chew? Botak.... your maggot did not apologize and he did not regret what he said and I think he is right! Lets send ALL the pendatangs back from where they came... Botak.. you included.

UPDATES!! 2.25pm 12/9/08

Was I right that its the start of OPS LALANG again?

RPK arrested under ISA!

On Sept 6, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had warned the 58-year-old editor of popular news portal Malaysia Today could be charged under the ISA for comments allegedly insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

The groups complained his comment in an article entitled "I Promise to be a good, non-hypocritical Muslim" allegedly used sentences that insulted Muslims.

So which is which? He insulted Islam or he insulted Muslims?

After what they announced yesterday on the lifting of ban on Malaysia Today. HERE.

This was what RPK said.. “I'm always suspicious of their next move. There is always a hidden agenda," he said when contacted.

I think his suspicion is valid....

Malaysianjoe says, "I wonder if Ahmad Ismail should be the first instead of RPK?"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Toyol .. Another Ahmad Ismail in the making....?

Here and Here and Here....

(The Sun) - Former Selangor mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and an Utusan Malaysia journalist have been given seven days to retract accusations against Kinrara state assemblywoman Teresa Kok and to apologise to her.

Kok said she had been accused of having told a mosque in Kota Damasara to do away with loud speakers during the azan (morning call for prayers) as it was a disruption to some people living in the area.

"These are preposterous allegations that state that I had gone to the mosque early in the morning to tell them not to use the loud speakers, and that I had written on behalf of the residents to Seri Serdang state assemblyman Datuk Satim Diman to ask him for assistance," she said.

"Why would I write to Satim, who is an opposition member, when I can easily approach the state executive councillors here, like Datuk Hassan Ali, to resolve the issue?"

And they tell us Umno is not racist when their leaders LIE wantonly... these are the words that the MSM pick up as the holy grail to bait ignorant Malays who would foam in the mouth at the very mention that their religion is under siege.

Excerpts from Malaysiakini

In the Utusan report, Khir was reported to have urged the opposition Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government not to concede to purported moves by “a certain party” to disallow azans (calls for prayers) emanating from loudspeakers of mosques in Puchong and Kota Damansara.

Khir also lamented that “while we practice freedom of religion, members of a certain religion celebrate to the extent that roads are closed, Muslims do not protest.”

Well, I guess he can claim he was "misquoted" and words were taken out of context again? This is not the first time actually, I think even in my blog which is about 5 months old may have documented at least once where he behaved like a mad cow.... now, that brings me to Cleffy's blog which talks about the cows in the farm as well as RPK's analysis of mad cow phenomenon afffecting certain cows in Penang. I think he must be alarmed that the disease has found its way to Selangor! The antidote is Sept 16th and it must be administered ASAP!

Weekend's Biggie!

I was thinking to myself this morning when I saw this:


I was like... WOW! Yeah, I did not watch the match coz I cannot bring myself to wake up after a hectic day at work to watch another substandard performance dished out by the English squad. But my... am kicking myself for not waking up to watch one of England's most scintillating performance for a long long time.

Theo Walcott? Wayne Rooney? Scorers? Walcott's hattrick? That will probably make Mr. Wanker a man pleased as HELL! Sorry... my bad.. Mr. Wenger. Has Fabio Capello found the better than Beckham on the right in Walcott?

I have always said that the only problem with England is that they must never play Gerarrd and Lampard together. But I must say, England was fabulous last night and I think the credit should go to Mr. Fabulous Capello for turning the team around to have more self belief as individuals and more cohesion as a team even with Calamity James in goal.

Ahhh.. small talk.. small talk... my main aim of today's write is about this weekend's biggie of biggie! After doing a double on them last season, Manchester United..... yeah... the famous Red Devils play our eternal rivals Liverpool at Anfield. The concern here is Manchester United has a history of poor start to a season as well as being poor after a mid-week international assignment by their players. They have Brown, Rio, Rooney, Vidic, Fletcher and Nani involved in midweek.. well at the top of my head at least, I really wonder if they are up to it for the trip to Anfield. It will be an interesting battle and am getting my popcorn ready for this biggie. No other match in the Premier League is bigger than the battle of these two although other battle at a later stage could be of greater significance but a fixture of Man Utd v Liverpool, be it at Old Trafford or Anfield or anywhere for that matter is the biggest for me and this season is no different...

3 years.... duh....

After all the ruckus and maniacal attitude, all he got was a slap in the wrist which is 3 years suspension.

Malaysiakini's extracts.

"This decision may not be in favour of Umno... They did it anyway because it is for national security," he added.

This must indeed be a big thing. Umno not happy but in order to "appease" the rest, we suspend him for 3 years! May not be the tai-kor but still has the ability to be the puppet master.. no?

Another council member Shahidan Kassim said that no one should stoke racial sensitivities but implicitly questioned if Ahmad had been treated fairly.

"If you want to talk about fairness, why no action was taken against (Chinese pressure group) Suqiu or the person who mocked the national anthem?"

When they do something on their own... they must be really unhappy that they have to question about others. Shahidan, that boy apologize.. you guys do not accept.... your maniac bigot member refuse to apologize... see the difference?

What is worrying is that the cops made remarks as these.

“The recent (racist remarks) issue has been exploited by many irresponsible parties who have used various media including blogs, SMS, and MMS to threaten peace in the country.

“I also warn everyone to stop issuing such statements in the print and electronic media,” Ismail said during a press conference at Bukit Aman police headquarters yesterday.

Vague at best but hey... are they threatening the bloggers who are responsibly commenting on the issue?

And of course being a slap on the wrist, the bigot accepted the punishment.... here. And he insinuated the council's decision to suspend him saying that there are more "creative" ways for him to remain at the helm! What a !@#$#@

He said he could still serve Umno in other ways.

“If the division is smart enough to create a new post, like an adviser, I can become an adviser.

“It does not end there and I can even become executive secretary,” said Ahmad.

And all the good dogs say????

Justice Served. Let me not bore you with their quotes.. you can read them there.

But the issue here is, would restrictions and punishment as theses help in attaining racial harmony? Should it not be better for a system that allows equality to prevail and open forums to allow people to discuss and understand? Rather than to have skewed policies that allow questions to be continually asked and distrust to fester? Is this the correct way to deal with the situation?

But MalaysianJoe thinks, these are merely symptoms of a desperate group of people who would stop at nothing to ensure that their selfish ends are met and these are the people that the majority now should condemn not via demonstrations nor sending them to ISA by a group of people but by the majority of population. These people has to be rejected as a whole if we want to see Malaysia thrive in the face of globalization. We can achieve this if ALL Malaysians come together and say, "We are ONE RACE!" We, Malaysians MUST stand as one in the face of these people and tell them "We are NOT INTERESTED in your kind of politics and polemics!" We should and we must... because we are Malaysians... no longer Umno, MCA, MIC. Maybe its a pipe dream but I do see a slow but visible emergence and I hope for the best for my beloved country.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Man Returns....

Sounds deja-vu ya? Superman returns... Old man returns... Sleepyhead exit... C4 exit... BN exit..

Old man quits the party in a huff after throwing multiple child like tantrums... and now he is being "invited" to return to the party he founded. Yeah, the party he founded. This was not the UMNO that Onn Jaafar founded, that was made illegal back in late 80s. This is the new one that twisted the NEP, that harped on enriching Umnoputras.. this is the party that the old man made and he is returning to it to "help" accelerate the destruction... I mean its reforms back to its old self.

Of all the people, Muhyideen and Ku Li are the ones that initiate the invite. They say in politics there are no permanent adversaries. True to form... really Ku Li was the one ousted in a bitter battle the last time they clashed... which resulted in the old Umno being made illegal and Ku Li left the scene to form a fledgling Semangat 46. Maybe Ku Li has forgotten the spirit of 46 and has now endorsed the spirit of the new Umno... or is he now merely using Dr. M as a pawn in his effort to unseat ol' sleepyhead?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flip Flop....


PM has met the bigot... but things are getting worse if you ask me when this bigot went on to say this.. HERE

On whether his explanation was accepted, he said: "The prime minister gave his views but he acknowledged what I did was for the party. Moreover, I want to remind (everyone) that my speech was delivered to a Malay audience."

So what this bigot say, is when I talk to a Malay audience it doesn't matter??? What shit is he talking? So if an MCA member goes around the Chinese or MIC member goes around the Indians and spit racist statements... its OK? Is that it?

"Umno itself is a racist, MCA is racist, MIC is also racist. The parties represent their own races but of course, in a nationalist context," he said.

The silver lining is.. he acknowledged that he is a bloody racist bigot.
Never ending flipping and flopping....

Bigot says Chinese are squatters...

PM says, he may not mean what he says... DPM apologized.. then PM says, bigot may need to apologize...

Bigot came out fuming and "explained" to PM... PM says he accepted his explanation... Bigot got bolder.. bigot incite further..(just see the pictures of bigot supporters...)... He is challenging all and sundry that has accused him of being a bigot...PM now wants bigot to explain... again... what else is there to explain? I think he made himself crystal clear... anyway, since PM is "enraged" and summoning this bigot for a meeting... Malaysian Joe thinks this bigot will "fong fei kei" ler...

So Mr. PM, please be advised that NO ONE.. absolutely NO ONE else is harping on the issue of May 13... and almost everyone.. probably saved for the 13 divisions of Umno up north that supported him and maybe other Umno divisions... supported his threat and his comments. No one is thinking of May 13 except for this bigot who has been harping on it since the by election at Permatang Pauh, as well as your Devil of an ex-MB of Selangor... if you are still the PM and wanting to be the PM of all Malaysians.. please Mr. PM show us that you have a backbone! You are the leader of Umno, you are the leader of BN and you are from Penang... and since this 13 divisions are going against your decisions, I really wonder.... I let the readers do the wondering as well...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Flying Frogs....

49MPs... will leave for Taiwan!

The entourage is expected to carry out a detailed study of Taiwan's state-of-the-art agricultural programmes.

Bung said their schedule included visiting factories to study Taiwan's agricultural sector and derive knowledge from the methods used in enhancing local farming and cultivation techniques.

"Taiwan is an ideal location for the MPs to gain understanding on high-tech equipments and technologies, needed in improving Malaysia's agricultural industry," he said.

Gee... if one is studying agricultural technologies, isn't it better for Agriculture ministry to go together with all the other agricultural agencies?

And of all the places..... Taiwan... I think if Ahmad Ismail finds out about this he will froth in the mouth I tell you... coz its the land of squatters!

Question is what will happen to the frogs in the 49? Are there no frogs in the 49?

Now, if you people have watched the Terminator series... one would like to believe that what BN is doing is just to postpone the inevitable... which will happen anyhow. They cannot stop the inevitable. It has to happen.. and it all boils down to the question of WHEN.

Now, many in the ruling party are prone to believe Anwar when he said Sept 16... that is the date circled over and over again as the date BN be damned... but can't many think that that could be the date of the start of the inevitable rather than the Event day of the inevitable itself? Hmmm.... well, frogs... have a good trip to Taiwan... we know you cannot blow your cover just yet. Hop when you get back ya?