Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Expect the Police to take heed?

PM sees red over blogger's upside down flag.

So reads Malaysiakini headlines. While reading Kickdefella's blog urging bloggers to fly the flag upside down, I had this deep down that I love my country too much to do it. Even though Sheih says it is not disrespect but to a show of a nation in distress, I truly do not wish to do that as my anger and dissatisfaction lies with the government and not the country nor my fellow countrymen. Hence I did not fly it as suggested by Sheih.

Now our PM sensing some "cracks" decided to prey on it.

He said that the act of doing so is uncouth... Golly... he must have learnt a new word... he just need to look around his BN MPs to seek real definition of uncouth.

And he adds this... "Abdullah, meanwhile, hoped the police would act on the matter."

Anyone care to speculate what would happen next? Forget the fact that the IGP is recuperating from his heart surgery in hospital. The good dog attitude will prevail. A bunch of police will probably arrest Sheih and hold him in custody for a few days just like they do PenarikBeca? Eh?


cleffairy said...

I won't fly the flag upside down because Kevin, I too respect my country enough not to do such things, but I can definitely fly the flag half pole without feeling know, so that I can show that my country is slowly going down instead of going up!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

it is our duty as malaysians to proudly flag our nation's colours. my mom already had it flagged up early this month. i guess, the older generation is more patriotic than ours, since they went thru wwII. but then again, with all the ruckus our current govt caused....any sense of patriotism has gone down the drain.

Malaysian Joe said...

cleff and calvin, we are still patriotic. lets not dispute that. But some people tend to say we are less patriotic than them. Fine. Lets not give them a reason to say that. But this year, I will fly no flags except when I am drying my flags... multi coloured ones too as opposed to cleffy's desire for RED ones.

Like one commentator elsewhere noted, "I will not fly my flag upside down but I do wish to hang the entire BN upside down."

cleffairy said...

That's underwear lah, not flag. LMAO.

You know...the by-election campaign is more HAWT than the campaign for Merdeka itself. Can someone please get some leash and tie those dogs and monkey down, please? It's a safara on the loose out there in Permatang Pauh,

cleffairy said...


Malaysian Joe said...

yeah man.. its getting worse now when Kera Jantan decides to join the fray..