Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another SD?

Well, luckily its not STD... but the epidemic of coming up with an SD is fast becoming a fad here in Malaysia. The latest one takes another twist in the Anwar sodomy saga.

A very concise writeup by Michelle (HERE) can be found here together with a copy of the SD which first appeared in Din Merican's blog (HERE). RPK's bit is (HERE). Zorro has already prophesy that the country will branded a PARIAH State by world community (HERE) ahead of the court case at Jalan Duta this morning where Anwar Ibrahim is due to be charged. And the DROPOUT is thankful that Anwar will be charged... after all the traffic crawl he had caused us to sit in..

If Anwar is charged today and denied bail, I am sure the nation would be further enraged. Why can an alleged murderer who blew someone up walks free while an alleged sodomizer be sent to jail? If Anwar is allowed bail then I guess things will not be so bad and it will cast the government in the fairer light? Would it? I would think so. So, I would suppose that upon charge, Anwar will at long last get to see a copy of the police report made by Saiful?

In a damning press statement by Anwar yesterday ahead of his charge today, he alleged that Abdullah and the police are hell bent on having him sent to jail for sodomy while there are columns of people in the AG chambers who are dead set against it. Will the truth come out? As Malaysians I sure pray it will, for the good of the country.


Anwar pleaded not guilty and no bail was required nor was he asked to surrender his passport. Judge Komathy allowed Anwar to be released on a RM20k personal bond as opposed to the prosecution's request that a RM20k bail and impounding Anwar's passport.

Well, aint that bad isnt it? Do we need to endure all the roadblocks?


Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, it's guilty until proven innocent. right, right?

Malaysian Joe said...

Only for "certain" people.

If you are a crony you are innocent even proven guilty.