Monday, August 25, 2008

Day of Reckoning

24 hours to polling. Never mind its just a by-election of Permatang Pauh, but pundits are calling it mother of all by-election! Who can fault them? Its the biggest seen todate. Biggest probably in terms of lies told... money splashed... dirt splashed on the candidates....

While prior to nomination to date, BN has been actively questioning Anwar's credibility in the sodomy issue when they play up the swear by Quran act by Saiful who alleged that Anwar sodomized his butt. The only medical report leaked thus far did not indicate that his butt was severed. Nevermind that, he went ahead to swear by the Holy Book. To many lay man, that is a non-issue. Come on, its between you and God for that matter. But let the truth prevail. Lets have all the facts before an independent and honest court. But NO. BN went on overdrive to hype the whole matter... While it was "fashionable" to make SD (Statutory Declaration) then, Saiful made it a trend in swearing... so much so that Najib also got caught up in the hype that he went the distance to swear that he did not know Altantunya. After all that is done and dusted and hyped like there is no tomorrow, PR pulled out a rabbit from the hat.

The Uztaz, Ramlang Porigi who witnessed the oath came out to say his piece HERE.
Making his debut at the Bandar Perda Mosque and then two ceramahs at Kg Belah Dua and Padang Ibu last night, imam Ramlang Porigi (photo) stunned everyone when he revealed that he "had been instructed" to witness Saiful's swearing show. "My task was only to hear the oath and I had no part in the drafting of the oath which Saiful made. It is also unimportant for me so specify who." "I also wish to deny that I received any money to witness the swearing. I was only acting on instructions," said Ramlang in a hastily arranged press conference by PKR at 12.30am this morning. Also facing the media for the first time after the incident at the Federal Territory Mosque, Ramlang said that Saiful made two mistakes that day. "During the swearing, Saiful mis-pronounced one of the Islamic words because he had it written down in Malay instead of Arabic. Ramlang also revealed a Freudian slip by Saiful. "Saiful also made a mistake on when Anwar Ibrahim had allegedly inserted his penis into his rectum. "Instead of June 26, Saiful said he was sodomised on Aug 26 before correcting himself," said Ramlang at PKR headquarters, Yayasan Aman in Permatang Pauh.

First bombshell would have been taht he was "INSTRUCTED" to witness the Saifool Show which contained the second bombshell or rather Saifool's blooper... He forgot the date that the other penis went into his butt hole. I would note the wrong choice of Arabic word by Saifool was down to the fact that he is "not conversant" in Arab.... small matter really... but the biggest blooper was... Come on! How can you forget the date when your modesty was OUTRAGED!? By a man with a bad back! For goodness sake! I would be so traumatized and mentally scarred.. that the date would be the day I wish I died! How can I forget the date?????

But, trust a dropout to do a professional's job.. thats what you get... eh?

Hence, people of Permatang Pauh, after 10 days of lies, dirt and more lies... its time for you to choose. Choose wisely... choose the MAN who could take the country out of its current situation. Choose a MAN that can make Malaysia great again. Choose the MAN that tells lesser lies. Give him a bigger mandate than that in the past! Give this man YOUR VOTE!



fergie said...

Hello again, Kevin! I get goosebumps whenever I think of tomorrrow. Umno/bn are suck lowdown, filthy crooks! My children are already grown up but I have a granddaughter of 8 (ALL United supporters) and I would really like her to face a brighter future i.e. no more racism, justice for all and an end to corruption. I have to admit the education I received was 1st class nothing like what it is today. Good to know you are also from Penang :) Please keep blogging!!!

Malaysian Joe said...

Yo Fergie! Tonight is as nervous as hell... we face Pompey! We need to win! Cannot let the bulus get bragging rights... :).

You know what.. I told my wife that I am fighting for a place under the sun for our kids... a fair share of the sun... after all these years that Malaysians were being systematically segregated and brainwashed. Its time that we come together to re-claim back what rightfully belongs to the people. I may go down.. many may go down but not before giving a good account of the fight.

fergie said...

I like your fighting spirit, Kevin. Btw, my name is Iris. You'll need to keep that spirit up this season .. gonna be tough for Utd with the squad we have. Why the gaffer not strengthen our squad when others on a buying spree? Some more lost his assistant. Our injury list also scary .. left the lau cheks hahahaha. All the best to u n family. Will catch up again soon.
PS. Tonite's game at such an ungodly hour .. aiyo!

Malaysian Joe said...

Hi Iris.. :) Nice to know you. Yeah.. feeling a bit disillusioned when there were no big names trotting in to OT. But I guess they bought sufficient young upstarts, the 2 Brazillians, the Azzuri youngster from Roma etc. But I think they have enough in them to pull through but I would love to see a decent striker coming in. Roon and Tevez do not look to be the "prolific" type.

Same to you Iris.. all the best to you.. may just wake up for the match... :).

Anonymous said...

Kevin...if SPr is not bought by those goons, there's a chance of Anwar winning.We'll know after tomorrow if the Sept 16 hijacking plan is still right on track after tomorrow. :-D Let's stay tune for more.

Malaysian Joe said...

Yeah! Fletcher my HEWOOOOOOO!!!!! It bodes well for tonight...Man United won.. Anwar will win tonight!