Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ronaldo Remains a Devil

At least for another season. HERE.

I am not sure how I will receive or react when he pulled the famous red of Manchester this coming season on the back of his insistence of going to Real Madrid. But one thing is for sure, he will be missing from the lineup for the first 2 months of the season after undergoing an ankle surgery earlier on.

Maybe other Red Devils fans may be more forgiving but I guess, we should at least respect and support the team regardless of history as long as he is still wearing the club's jersey he should have our undivided support. Maybe its easier said than done.....

On a side note, the Olympics is about to begin and I think Malaysia has the best chance yet to win their first gold medal at the Olympics this year. Lee Chong Wei. He has the skills and the mental strength to go the distance. But with a top notch field, every game from Round 1 onwards is a final. Chong Wei represents Malaysia's best hope yet and he is sure to get my support. His path to a final destiny with Lin Dan starts with an encounter against Ronald Susilo of Singapore... long rocky route... Will write more on Olympics and the key battles that I would be watching.. :).


Anonymous said...

Football... one topic i can't talk about, even if it's to save my life. LOL.

cili said...

Ronaldo is so make my saliva drool. However, his attitude is so rotten...make me wanna puke :p

TheWhisperer said...

Hi KeyP,

Thanks and you too have quite a blog yourself here.

You re right. Blog should reflects our true feelings and mine is no different. All those posts written are reflective of my feelings, pure and unadulterated.

That was why i kept saying that blog do expose a person's personality. But it don't matter much to me. And some expletives doesnt make a person any less. Sometimes we just need to emphasize a little more... and by adding a little expletive, it reflects our frustrations and anger.

Well, nice crossing path with you though.

Will come surf your posts more.