Friday, August 8, 2008

"Back Door" Government?

Chandra Muzaffar. He came in for a lot of flak before GE12 when he spoke out against Anwar and he has come in for another round when he slammed Anwar for trying the "back door" route to Putrajaya. HERE.

Funny he should use the term "back door"

Funny too why he was mute when UMNO held "secret talks" with PAS.

Regardless of what door la.. front door, back door car door, van door or doggie door... can go in good enough wut? Abdullah has given up his right to criticize the way Anwar decides to take power when he admitted to holding talks with PAS to form State Government in Selangor and Perak and also indirectly an offer to PAS to run the country with 2/3 majority and now since he cannot comment on it, he called upon his trustworthy dog to talk... err bark.

Have a good weekend everyone... at least we enter the weekend with the Olympics to look forward to and not the mindless rantings and antics of our politicians.


Pete said...

Yes, agree. Looking forward to all the Olympics games! Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I kinda get stomachache after watching the Olympic opening. Must be the fingerfood I telan. :-(

On backdoor government...why the hell issit when other people do such things, UMNo condemn it so much, but when they do it, it's considered 'for the good of the citizens'? For the good of citizens my ass la! Suckers.

Now it's no longer BN...just look at it, MIC and MCA no longer have voices in BN, muted like some dumb lapdog! Why the hell they are still in BN, I have no idea!

Malaysian Joe said...

UMNO dogs are well fed and pretty obedient. MCA and MIC are mired in their own pits of fire... they are in no position to help UMNO out this time round. Lets see how they cope.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

all : heard that kl's traffic on thurs was so abusive due to the roadblocks that you have to piss and shit in your pants before you get to kesian you kl-ians.

Malaysian Joe said...

calvin.. hello.. dont rub it in yeah... really bengang with the traffic oredi.