Monday, August 11, 2008

Sack Zulkifli Nordin

Just because you represent PEMBELA does not give you the right to say, today I am donning a different hat. You, Zulkifli is an MP for Kulim-Bandar Bahru. There are Malaysians in your constituency and yet, you decided to behave like a rabid ass in calling for people to storm the venue where a civil forum is taking place. On top of that, you represent PKR whose very ideals are equality and yet here you are mouthing words that are synonymous to radicals.

I however take my hats off to IIUM Law Lecturer, Dr Mehrun Siraj who said, "Open discussion is the way to discuss the issues between Muslims and non-Muslims. Don't insult Islam."

Here is a lady who believes her religion. Here is a lady who understands her religion so well that she is not worried that she will waver in a discussion with people of other faiths. Here is a lady who believes that she can educate others on the religion she loves, ISLAM.

I also think that the police were far too "lenient" on the protesting group. How can they not arrest them for carrying seditious placards? How come tear gas were not sprayed on these flers? Why is it then that those in a civil forum need to kow-tow and give in to these rowdy buggers? And don't even get me started on the self proclaimed UMNO representative that stormed into the building and called on the Chinese and Indians to go to HELL. To be fair, we have yet to ascertain if he is truly an UMNO member. These are the people that deserves to go to Kamunting.

While I call upon Anwar and PKR will SACK Zulkifli from PKR, although he claimed to be doing it under the banner of PEMBELA, he cannot hide the fact that he is also an elected representative of Malaysians and as an elected representative he has an obligation to his constituents. He should be in Kulim attending to his constituents than to act like a rabid cow in an illegal assembly trying to intimidate those who are in a lawful and civil forum. Tian Chua and Loh, stop apologizing for him... He has to be responsible for his own words and action. Calling for people to "storm the building" is sounding very much like a TERRORIST!


Anonymous said...

Those people who do not agree for open discussion, I'd say, they lack faith in many area. My hat is off for the lady too.

The police is lenient? Of course la, they're the same species what. Of course same species treat one another better.

Malaysian Joe said...

I dont blame the people... I blame the government for making these people to be katak under coconut shell.

Anonymous said...

In our case, it's not katak. It's zoo animal under tempurung!

Malaysian Joe said...

Got such big tempurung?

Anonymous said...

Got...the tempurung is parliament wud. :-P very big punya!

Anonymous said...

so you guys do syok sendiri thinking that he is alone ?

you think every rakyat share your view ?

Zulkifli Noordin do his sharp mind of foresight action to avoid unnecessity "reality " outcome that all of us try to avoid.

This is not about Islam is not tolerate, but is that happened to be they are commited and sincere moslems seriously honoured his believe.

And you guys of what ever faiths, should do the same.