Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lets Send Anwar to Parliament

Well, I am sure not many visit this site... :).

But, I would like to join Haris Ibrahim and Barisan Rakyat to call upon Malaysians especially those in Permatang Pauh to send Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to Parliament come 26th August 2008!

Barisan Nasional has engaged the opposition in the most expensive and dirtiest election ever. Claims of physical abuse through to paying hard cash for votes and right down to the complete mainstream media manipulation to ensure Anwar is not elected. BN has in place one mandarin speaking white haired man called Arif. The brother of a man who swindled the government billions in defence contracts. Arif is also THE man who claimed to have had a Diploma from US of A on his website but the he cited that his diploma is from FIT and he so infamously laid claim to studying from a bogus university for his PhD. I have never come across anyone having done PhD without doing a Masters.

Never mind that he speaks Mandarin and Hokkien, we have KJ wanting to "bury" Anwar... we have Najib wanting to humiliate Anwar... we have millions "handed" out in the name of development! Not the least, our PM doing a flip flop in the fuel price just to win another few precious votes in PP! That comes on the heels of him spending 1 hour taking the rail transport system in KL. What else do we need to know of the current government that will help us decide otherwise?

ENOUGH is ENOUGH. ENOUGH of LIES. ENOUGH of INCOMPETENCY. ENOUGH of STUPIDITY. Time for a new chapter in our history. Time for Pakatan Rakyat!


fergie said...

I always visit your site, Kevin, cos you are a fellow United supporter .. hehe .. and also a Pakatan Rakyat supporter. We have a VERY "kin cheong" (I am Hokkien from Penang Island) day tomorrow .. both Utd and PR! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH both DREAM TEAMS!

Michelle said...


No worries about whether many people visit your blog or not. As long as you keep writing what you feel is right, that's the way to go.

As for the BN candidate speaking Mandarin and Hokkien, I hold no grudges against him. But if he thinks speaking the language actually does help with understand what the Mandarin- and Hokkien-speaking people are thinking, he's got to think twice. Because I speak the exact same language as my dad, and I don't see him understanding me most of the time!

It's not the dialect that's important. It's the idea, the direction, the overall FEELING. If we speak in the same language of fairness, equality, and all that, doesn't matter if you speak Hindi and I speak Hakka, we'll understand each other just as well.

Kell^ said...

Hi Kevin,

Never give up writing because you think noone is reading. Most importantly is you stand up and voice out. I agree with you on this effort to send DSAI to parliament. I've also blogged abt it.

Malaysian Joe said...

Thanks for all the encouraging words! I will definitely continue writing and Fergie.. :) I am a Penang kia too.

Kell, thanks for the visit and note.

Mich, I share your sentiments. I do not think that speaking the lingo makes one the choice but in this case, I just cannot stomach the garbage churned out by our MSM. Even Astro 501 and 502 is full of it... anyway, I would like Malaysia to move forward and the only way unfortunately for us is to CHANGE.

cleffairy said...

Oihh... I'm reading. LOL...though these days I can only manage to comment at night. :-( those mofos in office keep me bz!

I hope the bastards from UMNO will loose because I had enough of them. Go PR!

Malaysian Joe said...

waiyo.. cleff... I sense your anger with the mofos actually more pronounced than mine.. :)

cleffairy said...

Yea, kevin, you got it...most of the people in my office are Saiful... you know, if thoughts actually can kill, heads would be rolling...thump! All bloody! *snarl*

Malaysian Joe said...

whoa.. u are more "deadly" that I thought.. LOL..