Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gosh... Its all about RACE

Aint it? Firstly while the Mainstream Media play out the call by Tan Sri Abdul Khalid made a "suggestion" that UiTM open their doors to non-Malays. The reaction was almost text book. Demonstrations by thousands of UiTM students took place and while we all know that Khalid is powerless in determining the intake, they play it up like a huge forest fire. Who is Abdul Khalid? He is only the Menteri Besar of Selangor! Oi! He cannot make any decision at all. He was merely making a statement of this nature and the whole UiTM froth in the mouth.. and if that is not enough, our PM who is purportedly the PM for ALL MALAYSIANS seem to be just the PM of Malays when he veto-ed the call. Let me tell you one thing Abdullah, "You do not need to veto something that was not proposed and accepted by authorized personnel. Khalid isn't even authorized to propose.. so what is there to veto?"

Seriously, Abdul Khalid's "suggestions" is meant to improve the quality and perception of UiTM graduates and if there is anything to come out of it, it will spur the 90% to do better, but, sadly, even the vice chancellor of UiTM decided to politicize the entire episode.

I hope if and when Pakatan takes over the country, they pay close attention to the whole education system. It has been raped, plundered and sodomized by the government for 50 years and only an overhaul of the entire institution and free education from the shackles of politics... maybe only then we can have a system that develops and breeds critical minds that is required to take the nation through this century.


Anonymous said...

Those jackass will politicize almost anything that gone a bit cuckoo in this country. Honestly, I think this is why those kind of Malays can never move forward...a little bit things, they claim people are undermining their rights and stuff and what's more, they are so full of themselves! Hello! What is there to be proud of being a Malay besides being a 'special' and pampered race in Malaysia? The Malay race itself does not have an ancient civilization dictate in history itself to begin with. What the hell is there to be damn proud of? Ihe Chinese and Indians can be proud of their ancient civilizations,even the Egyptians have pyramids and stuff to stick their nose up in the air with. Heck, even the Greeks played an important role in world history. Pray tell, why are these jackass are so full of themselves? Arghhhhhhhhh!

Malaysian Joe said...

Cleffy... I dont think I want to study in UiTM even if they allow 10%.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, trust me, people like us, wouldn't even survive in UiTM. :-(