Thursday, August 7, 2008

Syabas Pakatan Selangor!


For 50 years... 50 years when BN is in power, they have done nothing to acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions of the senior citizen towards nation building. For 50 years they plundered the people while their cronies lived in huge mansions and palaces without having to pay assessment and quit rent. For 50 years they have done nothing to help the senior citizen to cope with escalating cost of living.

Today, less than 200 days after Pakatan swept into Selangor, less than 200 days after the historic 12th General Election, there is a silver lining in the grey clouds above which I hope the first rays of light will break the gloom that has enveloped the nation for 50 years. I do not expect the new government to work a miracle but all I expect is to see progress towards a more harmonious country.

The assistance to senior citizens in Selangor is to give a little relief to families and pensioners especially at our rising cost of living.

MBPJ has started a free bus service for senior citizens at particular routes.
Also, Dr Xavier Jayakumar (Exco for Caring Society) would welcome any further suggestions to improve the quality of life of senior citizens. You may forward your suggestions to his office at 5th Floor, Bangunan SSAAS, 40000 Shah Alam.

As for grants for the Senior Citizen Club - one can make an application to the ADUN as well as MBPJ. I believe the max grant for clubs and persatuan in an ADUN's area is up to RM2500.

The information as detailed below is accurate

Best regards,
Elizabeth Wong
ADUN Bukit Lanjan

Dear All,

Senior citizen who 60 years old and above to apply their allowance only once in a life time which is at RM3,500.00.
Procedure as follow:-
1) fill in the form
2) attach a copy of your parents i/c
3) submit to S.U.K. Shah Alam (in front of IPK Polis).
4) RM500.00 will release to your parents after submission(in short time period they will get it).

Government will update records and will arrange for interview with your parents for the will that balance RM3,000.00 to which children's account after they pass away. The above application just for senior citizen whoever stay in Selangor only.

You may submit the above application to S.U.K. Shah Alam on behalf of your parents.

If you have any further inquiries, you may contact 03-55447450 to find out more details.

A step in the right direction and one of the best news that I have read today besides news that gives one a sore butt.


Anonymous said...

Eh? 60 years old only be considered as senior citizen meh? Not 50?

Malaysian Joe said...

hehe.. I thought 55... :).

Pete said...

Ha Ha, have to wait for some time before I can qualify leh!