Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why BN Must Contest Permatang Pauh

BN as the ruling party cannot afford to not contest Permatang Pauh, although the result of it is already a foregone conclusion. Well, to some doubters, they believe that many undeads will walk the lorong lorong of Permatang Pauh come polling day. But aside from the so called "Phantom" voters, many are already writing off Barisan's chances of wresting the seat from PKR. Even in PKR's darkest hour in 2004, they manage to retain the seat with a paper thin majority, what else now that with UMNO in disarray and losing their state machinery which is now held by Pakatan.

Barisan can only hope to gain a moral boosting victory. Deny Anwar a bigger majority than the last General Election where Kak Wan Azizah won by over 13,000 votes. Well with news that a vote there now cost RM1000/= they may just be able to buy some votes over. But deep down, Barisan needed this by-election to boost the coffers of the UMNO division there ahead of the general assembly as someone needs to get the precious nominations.... My son's BM tuition teacher as well as my hometown buddy told me that every returning voter from out of town can "claim" transport cost back from UMNO... so those "unclaimed" would conveniently go into the pockets of those "in charge" of the money. So he told me that it would be stupid not to claim it as someone else would benefit from it. But then again, I have no proof to substantiate all these.. so its all hearsay for now.

Barisan must contest Permatang Pauh as this is the last remaining hope for them to prove to the nation that Anwar isnt that popular after all especially if they can deny him a bigger majority. They will certainly set out to achieve just that. Whoever they field is irrelevant as he/ the candidate will just be one sorry arse that will be sacrificed for Barisan's greater good.

Whatever it is, whoever it is, Permatang Pauh will be a very "hot" place to be in over the next few weeks. Permatang Pauh is situated just next to Kulim and the old road from Kulim to Bukit Mertajam cuts through Anwar's bastion. That is one piece of sacred ground that BN will never be able to conquer. But one should try the mee ketam at a warong by the road leading up to Cherok Tok Kun hill... its simply delicious.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

bro, whether he wins or not, the govt still sucks. anwar sucks as well. lacks of everything under the sun....gotto learn not to be intimidated by those bunch of cock suckers...wtf!!

Anonymous said...

=.= when the government not sux ar? They sux all the way lah. i don't care who win... and i don't care even if a zookeeper or some swinging monkey in the zoo wins the seat, as long as they make my life better and my money value goes higher. LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef is right. Sure hope we can find someone that is smart enough to make our life better. At the moment I do not believe our sleepy head is able to... look at crude oil settle at USD118. Every day they defer on reducing pump price, everyday we are paying thru our noses for petrol... so to be smart just pump in RM50 each time round making your car lighter but on the down side evaporation is faster too.. :). But just to make sure you dont get caught with a full tank on the day price is reduced.. LOL