Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day of Commotion...

While I was busy earning my keep, some jokers were so busy making news that makes mockery of the whole system. First we have the Fool, that swore by the Quran that he was "forcibly" sodomized... then to a hoard of questions he said he will answer them in court.

Firstly, he was sodomized against his consent?

O'rly??? Then why is Anwar charged with voluntarily committing carnal sex? Did the Police then serve a boo boo? Or you were "too weak" to "resist"?

Secondly, I really wonder why all the charade was timed to perfection? Anwar charged the day after he announced he will contest in Permatang Pauh by election. Now, the "swear by Quran" thinggy done on the day of nomination. I would like to speculate that despite the PM's piece on no adjustment on fuel price until 1st Sept will be flopped on 25th August 2008? Just to win some votes?

Eh? More to come? You BET!


Anonymous said...

Argh... assholes will always be assholes, Kevin. The fucking bastard decided to swear now instead of doing it long time ago before the by-election. Clearly tis is just another piece of shit those people decided to serve on a silver platter to us.

The PM? Reduce the fuel price? Why he wanna reduce when he can earn more, huh? I'll be looking for pigs in the sky, flying when he finally announced that the new fuel price at a cheaper rate.

Malaysian Joe said...

Mr. Flip Flop... he is capable of stooping so low... you cannot imagine.