Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Case of Deal gone BAD 2

While Ong, Samy, Azim and Abdullah were busy scheming their way out of the RM218million headache, Hisham was in a more serious discussion with Ah Wee regarding a case whereby a loonie case teacher started calling her students all sort of names. But what caused Hisham and Ah Wee to be surprised was that this teacher seem to be picking on only those darker skinned students.

Hisham: Ish... teruk betul nih. Ah Wee... you know la... after the ... you know..
Ah Wee: Ohh.. itu keris incident ka Sham?
Hisham: Ya la.. tu.. please do not remind me of that... I have been you know... trying hard to keep low profile until itu ARMNO Assembly... Now kan... itu orang semua cakap cakap... I kasi mereka tu chance la.. borak borak.. sementara I plan camner tactic I nak naik VP. I diam long enough for people all to forget that I ni bodoh biul. Tapi so far so good la.. until this otak udang teacher from apa nama... Garang punya Panglima.. pa tu Ah Wee?
Ah Wee: Ya la.. itu punya skolah... So camner Sham? You nak settle ke?
Hisham: I nak settle... but kalau I pecat SACK sama itu cikgu, saya punya ARMNO dream susah sikit.. itu cikgu ada "power". Sakit kepala la... eh.. you doktor kan? you selesai la...
Ah Wee: Sham.. ini macam la okay.. kita punya kutu, Sara boleh tolong ka? Kita buat semua WIN WIN WIN Sham. You don't need to worry...
Hisham: I tak salah la.. rekomen you jadi I punya penolong.. you punya otak banyak geliga.
Ah Wee: Ok.. ok.. you dengar dulu ah.. Kita TRANSFER itu cikgu ke sekolah lain. See, the teacher won't jeapordize you punya ARMNO position.. right? Now, rakyat semua ada marah pasal itu tarak otak punya cikgu hanya kena transfer... You skarang call sama itu Sara.. cakap sama dia, dia boleh jadi HERO. Dia boleh komen kau kau pasal itu transfer. Kita kasi dia maximum media coverage. After that, I cakap dia tu kena transfer until kita selesai kita punya investigation... tak kisahlah 2 minggu ka 2 tahun ka.. janji transfer saja..
Hisham: Itu macam... saya mati wor? Sara hentam saya... rakyat hentam saya...
Ah Wee: Sham... you bukan sudah biasa kena hentam ka? you punya objective is to win ARMNO rite?
Hisham: Betui jugak cakap you eh Ah Wee?
Ah Wee: Now you call itu Sara.

Hisham immediately calls Sara, his good pal to seek his "assistance".

Hisham: Hallo? Sara?
Sara: Yes.. yes... Sara speaking. Whom am I speaking to please?
Hisham: Podah la Sara... jangan you perasan you Mat Saleh oit!
Sara: Aisay... Sham.. cakap saja ma.. I ingat itu Mat Saleh itu hari call sama I... Sham.. what can I do?
(Hisham relates the whole story to Sara and ...)
Sara: Sham.. you are a genius.. of course I will complain.. in that way I boleh jugak Champion itu orang susah susah ah?
Hisham: of course la.. Sara.. Ah Wee punya idea good eh?
Sara: Then Ah Wee itu apa cakap?
Hisham: Ah Wee cakap, he will say "Pending Investigation lah" You know I know.. investigation 3-4 bulan.. semua orang pun lupa la.... Jadi, Sara.. set ok? Now you owe me one marble...

Hisham puts the phone down.. satisfied that he has created another smokescreen and with some great ideas from his sidekick, the whole matter now will only dominate attention for a week and it will be forgotten soon after as people would be more focussed on whatever that is about to happen at Permatang Pauh.

Meanwhile back at Sleepy Mansion... Abdullah, Jib, Zim, Ong and Samy are having another crisis on their hands when a bunch of loonie lawyers decide to call for a forum to discuss on cut and uncut issues which has ruffled many feathers. At present, our secret agent reporter has not come back with the transcript of the meeting yet! But do not fear... we will "expose" it once we have it in our hands!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, investigation 3-4 bulam, semua orang lupa la... how true, how true. :-P

And omg, Sleepy Mansion...hmmm...I need some sleep...sleep deprive. if only i can get some sleep like the loony sleepyhead. :-(

TheWhisperer said...


Thanks for brightening up my day. Should have log in earlier and spare myself from this dreadful share market.

YOu have one helluva criminal mind coupled with your flair... This is exhilirating!!

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef.... Whisperer... thanks for the "motivation" haha... today busy like hell.. I know KLSE is depressing like HELL too... sigh.. no eye see liao.. but maybe later I continue with chapter 3...