Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Petition to our King

Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

Was the title of the article asking for signatories to the petition to His Majesty the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia on our concerns of the appointments of Chief Justice of Malaysia as well as registering our appeal to seek his Royal intervention on the matter.

Haris Ibrahim carried the article here.

One can sign the online petition here.

Do not be alarmed, your details will not be shown online as the listing of signatories has been disabled. I was signature number 1927.

The content of the petition is centred around Tan Sri Dato' Zaki who would be Chief Justice by September once our current CJ, Dato Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mohamad retires. The concerns are real and thus we should do all within our ability to see to it that the Judiciary is further reformed and not continue its decay.

We, the rakyat, also note with concern the following of and concerning Tan Sri Dato’ Zaki :

1.Tan Sri Dato’ Zaki is the most junior judge amongst all judges of the High Courts, the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court;

2.Tan Sri Dato' Zaki is the most junior amongst the 8 Federal Court judges, and his selection as President of the Court of Appeal would most unfairly have raised questions about the competence of the other 7 very much more senior judges of the Federal Court ;

3.Tan Sri Dato' Zaki has been very intimately involved in UMNO, having at one time held the position of chairman of the party’s election committee, deputy chairman of its disciplinary board of appeal and party legal adviser. It is unclear if he is still a card carrying member of UMNO or if he has ceased to be one, when he ceased to be one;

4.Tan Sri Dato' Zaki has been linked to financial scandals involving UMNO that were allegedly bailed out by the government;

5.Tan Sri Dato' Zaki has been very intimately involved in the corporate world as a major shareholder and / or director in several corporate entities, many of which were known to have business dealings with the government; and

6.Tan Sri Dato' Zaki had previously been embroiled in a personal scandal that implicated him in the destruction of documentary evidence, thus laying him open to questions of his integrity.

Fellow Malaysians... this is this little that we are asking of you. Join us.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong would be able to do anything about it. I can almost hear those UMNO people saying " Ohh, rulers can't interfere the governing stuff, etc, etc"

Malaysian Joe said...

If its numbers they want.. we have to show solidarity... :).

Malaysian Joe said...

My wifey's siggy is no: 2456!