Thursday, August 7, 2008

%@#*!&@! Road Blocks!

Just because one fucking dropout alleged that his butt has been ravaged but yet unproven, 4 million Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur has to endure traffic crawls in the morning because of him!

I wonder how much that would have cost the nation that is obsessed in sending one "sodomizer" to jail. And I do wonder if the charge cannot be proven, will they (the dropout and the current government) reimburse the people that has been inconvenienced by their most inconsiderate behaviour?

I have meetings postponed today! I have my staff coming in late today! I am PISSED!!


Anonymous said...

hahaha... you seems to be in a very hyper mood today. so many post. road block? butt block la. argh!

Malaysian Joe said...

all block... so many things to do today and all got hung up. Its like domino effect... but at least I got some stuff done.