Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Najib's EXPLOSIVE joke...


Excerpts from it that I think I can die laughing. Headlined Najib wants Indians, Chinese to back BN.

And he had one more word of counsel - do not gamble with your children's future by supporting the opposition candidate who had been making false promises.

50 years of false promises my dear Najib.... who has been making false promises? Coming from a man who wanted to bathe his keris in Chinese blood.... and yet to apologize for that... who's the liar?

"Do not be easily hoodwinked by the opposition promises and fall for their trickery because if we were to believe them, we will be quarrelling with each other," he told members of these two communities in Permatang Pauh yesterday.

Hmmmm... UMNO not quarelling with each other? Gerakan and SUPP are not in sync with BN? MCA and MIC not fighting internally? Come again? Who is quarelling?

He promised that the BN would champion the Indian and Chinese communities' cause in the constituency as they had been neglected by the opposition.

Aiyo... even UiTM issue make your boss froth in the mouth, you promised you would champion for us? We (Chinese and Indians) do not need the 10% in UiTM.. seriously, just the local varsities make it fully 100% on MERIT. When I say on merit, it does not mean that the 6th formers and Matriculation students to be judged as equals.. they are not. Matriculation students have it really easy while 6th form was hell.

He also said that the government was doing much to increase the educational opportunities of the Indian community.
And specifically for the Indian voters in Permatang Pauh - numbering some 3,500 voters - Najib said the government has agreed to approve scrap metal collector's licence for them.

Well, I chose to comment the two statements together... This is what I said in my Case of Deal Gone Bad 1. Excerpts of it:

Ong and Samy: Now what do you want? We already sell our backside for you liao.. summore what you want?
Abdullah: Cool la.. brader... I just have this 218million bill I need you all to help me settle. You people benefit also wut? 2004 election, you see itu semua bunting, poster kilat kilat punya.. I got this friend of mine, Hasan to do it all for us. Now we need to pay him....
Ong: Lah, 1mil 2 mil, I can still ask my brothas to help out.. now you wan 218million... already 2008 we kena hammer all round... you think I still have crony willing to cough out so much? Lah, your side there all crony gemuk gemuk.. ask them to pay la...
Samy: ya la.. ask them la.. after all see all my Hindraf brader all, you send to jail, my kutu all lose the election kau kau... you still want me to pay? My kutu all the best one also besi buruk and budget barber shop..." Your kutu meanwhile over the last 4 years all gemuk already... 30%.. 30%... we all what else have we got?

My thought was, are we stereotyping the Indians? Scrap metal collector?


Anonymous said...

You know... I really wish they'd put BN out of their delusional misery...so... pick a weapon of your choice...C4, or dildo? LOL... okay, I know, that was lame.

Malaysian Joe said...

we can only pray hard for it to happen.. :)