Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swift Retribution?

In the wake of their drubbing... there were renewed calls for Abdullah to step down. HERE.

No doubt it was Abdullah's administration that suffered this humiliating defeat, but, honestly, shouldn't Najib take a big chunk of the blame? His approach to the campaign by character assasination and trying to manipulate religion actually backfired? I am very sure, if Arif were let to run the whole campaign, he would have gotten more votes than what he got.

Veteran Umno leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah called for a new leadership "to unite our people... and forge a clear national direction."

Razaleigh also called on Umno members and BN component parties to stand by Umno in 'our hour of crisis'.

"The people of Malaysia and along with them, Umno's ordinary members, have found their democratic voice," he said, warning that the wave cannot be stopped.

Noble Ku Li, but you missed the point. The problem is UMNO and if UMNO persist in going down the road taken, what is there for other component parties to stand by UMNO? You call for a change in UMNO but if I remembered clearly, you have not stated the direction you would take UMNO.

Mahathir's son Mukhriz, another senior Umno figure, who is vying for the top spot in the party's influential youth wing, also called for Abdullah's immediate resignation.

"I think Abdullah should strongly consider for all our sakes, to step down now," he told AFP.

"This is a second time that the Malaysian people have given a clear message, with the first at the general elections. It is a rejection of the present leader and he must leave now."

Mukhriz, why can't it be the rejection of UMNO itself?

On second thoughts, stay the way and stay your course... it will be easier for Malaysians to decide on their future.

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Anonymous said...

By all means, please shoot the black and dirty crow dead. It's only making noise and spreading disease.