Friday, August 22, 2008

PhD? BsD?

In their quest to make their resume look respectable, many amongst us pay to get that kind of recognition. Be it diplomas, degrees, Masters degree or even Doctorate. But where you get it is always up for questioning.

Not until various blogs go around hunting for the existence of Edison University of Technology only did this PhD holder wannabe admitted that he was "conned" into going for the PhD of the said University. I am sure as the YB, he would have a better network of people to advise him against taking it from a fly by night institution... no? But, yeah man... he went about telling people of Permatang Pauh that he is indeed studying for a PhD. I am sure money can buy a piece of paper that would not give him Permanent Head Damage. But in return for the one week or so, he would have earned his Doctorate in BullShitting until some bloggers pointed out his fallacy.

Below are excerpts of what he said, (Taken from Malaysiakini)

“The PhD is not recognised, so I have quit. I am finding a paper that is recognised,” he told Malaysiakini when met at the sidelines of his election campaign on Tuesday.

Gee... is it so difficult to find a paper that recognized to enroll in? I am sure if you have the necessary work experience, one would be able to enroll in a Masters Degree from a "respectable" University. Does he really need such an ego booster like a PhD? But the main question is, with only a Diploma.. what is his platform to go for a PhD?

According to Arif, he did his diploma at the Federal Institute of Technology in Kuala Lumpur.

FIT is it? Well, my brother graduated from FIT and he shared with me one joke many years ago when I sent him to college one day. I said, "Wow! So many students?" He replied, "Yeah bro... so many and we should be worried as FIT stands for Future In Trouble." Then again, it was a little joke that most of the students share amongst themselves.

But why is it that when I go to Arif Shah's website he claims the following:

Setelah tamat persekolahan di peringkat menengah YB Arif Shah telah melanjutkan pelajarannya dalam bidang Kejuruteraan Awam dan mengikuti pengajian khas di Graber International, California, USA.

Eh??? Not FIT?

Jokes aside. I really wonder now what Arif is made of. In my days, even a Malay SPM 3rd grader gets into ITM...... what did Arif get for that, so much so that he has to go private in FIT? Or did he make another boo boo Graber International, California, USA?

Anyway, I did a simple google on Graber International... guess what? No such name or institution....


TheWhisperer said...

Graber International?

Grab ASS, I suppose. Remember those Umno Puteri claims during nomination day in PP? Must be his doing to pin it on PKR...

Anonymous said...

o.O itu phD, itu master, itu beli online punya... :-P

Malaysian Joe said...

bukan saja PhD.. now I also think his Diploma celup one.