Friday, April 11, 2008

Accelerated Reforms?

Picked up a copy of The Sun from my favourite newstand as I found the headlines HPTC - THE END too delicious to miss. At last Brickendonburry is Bricks end DONE, BURRIED. Then I proceeded to read Citizen Nades 2 page column who have gone on a crusade to bring an end to this shameful episode of our ex-Sports Minister to light right in the middle of today's edition of The Sun.

Then on the same front page, a column on our PM touching on the onus to inform of one's conversion... errr.. although he touched on it.. he has not done enough... from what I understand from what he said, a letter to inform family of one's conversion is necessary to avoid confusion? What if the letter was never delivered nor sighted? Why is there no "I have read and understood the letter" thinggy for the reciepient to sign acknowledgement? PM Abdullah although is seen to be wide awake and trying his level best to appease the people but his statement still falls way short of expectations and in the process raise more concerns and confusion.

On judiciary matters on page 2 I think, he seem to want to redeem it by saying he will reveal more steps to reform the judiciary. But my question to him is why now? Why 4 years later and not 2004?

On other matters, we have the MCA now trying hard to posture themselves back into the good books of the people that has deserted them with their support for the pig farm proposal made by PR's Selangor MB. Many ways in reading into this posture really, trying to gain back the confidence of the Chinese? (Obviously they are still into fighting for "Chinese" rights) or paving the way for the historic exit? Either way, they are trying to show that they do not "bend backwards" as frequently as they do now to their political masters than in the past.

The question begs answer is, are all these things happening now because BN has suddenly realized that 8th March results is because of them doing less of all the above or is it because Pakatan's approach of equitable policies have set the standards for them to follow or else be relegated into total oblivion in future? If BN is so genuine into working for the people why arent all these done 4 years ago when they swept into power? Are they now trying to hoodwink the people into believing that they have changed? Will the people be hoodwinked?? Gee, I have more questions than I do answers but I guess GE13 will answer most of these questions... only time will tell..

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