Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its time to take the lead!

For far too long we hinge our fate in the hands of BN and UMNO in particular. For far too long we allow ourselves to be subjected to their innuendos, to their taunts, to their threats and to their arrogance. In an oft use cliche, "the people has spoken" on the 8th March 2008, now etched in stone the historic day in modern Malaysia where Malaysians claim independence yet again. In Farish Noor's words, "Malaysia was born AGAIN on 8th March 2008."

Yes, the euphoria has hardly subsided when every like minded Malaysians can stand tall and be proud that they were part of it. There was optimism, joy that at last we will put an end or at least put a cap on corruption and cronyism. New state governments were formed, yet the Federal Government though knowing they have been brutally savaged in the election chose to chastise the new government, denying them funds for tourism (my dear Azalina), denying housing funds (Ong Ka Chuak(pun intended)) and still allowing those LMN (Little Mullah Napoleons) to trumpet issues on charging non-Muslims for khalwat in civil courts. I guess when our PM said that he understood our message loud and clear and well taken... I really wonder now... what message was he referring to?

I really mean it... what message is he referring to??? Ong Ka Chuak is still trying to scare the Chinese that DAP has sold its soul to PAS on the Islamic State. I have a message for Ong... I think people are more afraid of the MCA bending down to be skewered by UMNO that DAP being played out by PAS. One thing is for sure, when you are driven and guided by principles, they do not bend that easily. So by all means PAS, as Husam puts it is guided by Islam. Their ideals of a good leader has to be guided by the virtues talked about by Islam. To this, I have no problems whatsoever with. But I do have problems with UMNO and their cohorts who are being guided by money and greed. I do have problems with people whose ideals are the perversion of the religion to serve their own ends. I have problems when these very people who claimed they understood the message but still clueless as to what the people want.... I have problems with these sort of people.

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