Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ahh... Flip Flop... yet AGAIN?

Normally its the subordinate that toe the line set by the boss. This one we have the boss toe-ing the line set by the deputy. So has our DPM taken over the reins of the country's powers?

From Malaysiakini, it was quoted that, our PM said, “It is for the party to decide. It is up to Penang BN to do what they want as long as there is no clash in policy,” when asked to comment on the issue of Lee Kah Choon, former deputy secretary-general of Gerakan, who has accepted a director’s post in the Penang Development Corporation (PDC) and InvestPenang.

He went on further to say "We leave this to the relevant party. For me, there is no need (to take action). I (would) say thank you," he said.

When asked whether Lee's decision would herald a "new era" in cooperation between BN and Pakatan, Abdullah said: "Perhaps this opens ways for cooperation."

Abdullah’s response today appeared to contradict his deputy Najib Abdul Razak who had told the press yesterday that Lee’s action was “against the spirit of Barisan Nasional”.

Gee, can you see now? Who is the one to say "Its my fault?" Many would have expected Najib to come out and echo his boss's thoughts but.... NO!

However, Abdullah seemed to change his stand later today. According to a report by Bernama, Abdullah said Lee’s decision was "against the spirit of BN".

Abdullah told Bernama that Lee should rightfully have consulted his party first.

“I want to hear the views of Gerakan acting president on this matter. Any action against Lee would be left to the party,” he said.

The Bernama report appeared in its website four hours after the press conference.

So, now what? Najib follow Abdullah or Abdullah follow Najib or was Malaysiakini wrong and Bernama right or was Bernama spinning and Malaysiakini being right? Four hours to make a new spin? Lets see if this is the FASTEST FLIP FLOP yet beating that of the DAP fler? In terms of speed it flopped?

Damn! Why do I get the feeling that Abdullah has handed the country to Najib? Is Najib now the de-facto PM of Malaysia?

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