Monday, April 14, 2008

Flip Flop... flip flop...

Malaysia's PM, Abdullah Badawi was so well known for his flip flop-ness. In my small memory bank (aka. my brain) can remember...

"The crooked bridge WILL GO ON!" he proclaimed.

"It will be abandoned!" he said regretfully.

'I am not getting married" he told the press.

"After getting married, I am a happy man." he said later after marrying Jean Abdullah nee Jean Danker.

"Election wont be so soon..." he said.

The next day, he announced the dissolution of the Parliament.

Today, I read in Malaysiakini... "Succession plan not so soon....."

I guess I leave it to you to make your own conclusion what is the flop... and when it will flop... now that he has flipped...

1 comment:

cili said...

Maybe he should join us woman folk.
We also love flip flop (beside the shoes).
We love flip floping in the morning about what cloths, handbags and shoes to wear.
If give choice we also wanna flip flop our partner.
Ask wifey wanna flip flop with me? 'evil grins'