Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Land Scam - Penang (D DAY!)

I wrote earlier a bit on the land scam in Penang. Obviously trawling MSM I found some news today. Former Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah has challenged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to expose the alleged land discrepancy cases! This was highlighted in the star today.

“Lim should be specific about the alleged cases, such as the lot numbers, the location and details of the land owners. “He must back up his allegations with facts and figures,” he said in an interview last night.

But of course Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is not taking this lying down as he promised to disclose the details of land improprieties. This can be found here.

The dare:

“Initially I had not planned to expose the details yet, nor have I made any accusations because I wanted to give Abdul Rashid a chance to explain why premium discounts were given to certain quarters and why state land was alienated to some big companies.

“We are not out to get anyone but since he has challenged me to reveal the details, I will do so,” he said, adding that he definitely wanted to meet with the latter.

“If he (Abdul Rashid) claims not to know of any land improprieties, I will tell him and let him explain. Come and see me. Do not give the reason that I did not issue an official invitation.

“Today I am making an official invitation in the media for him to come. I hope he will cooperate,” he said, adding that it was very odd that Abdul Rashid had expected him to send an official invitation to clarify the matter.

Its funny taht Datuk Abdul Rashid said that he did not receive an invitation to discuss the matter and Guan Eng did the best thing... invitation via The Star. Now can he say he knows nothing about the invite? Furthermore, who is Abdul Rashid today? He should be happy he did not kena any supoena... summore say Guan Eng need to "invite" him for a discussion. In fact Average Joe says, he should initiate a meeting with the Chief Minister to clear the air.. and not the other way round!

Well done Guan Eng! I hope to hear more coming from you.

Abdul Rashid, go and clarify the matter. I am sure Penangnites and the entire Penang diaspora (me included) would like to know if you are as clean as you say you are or you are in fact otherwise.

Update 6.25pm

source: http://www.malaysiakini.com/
Skandal tanah dibongkar esok
Apr 15, 08 5:36pm
Butiran penyelewengan tanah yang menyebabkan Pulau Pinang kerugian berjuta-juta ringgit akan didedahkan esok, kata ketua menteri Lim Guan Eng hari ini.

Menjawab cabaran bekas timbalan ketua menteri Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah, Lim berkata ahli exco kerajaan negeri akan bermesyuarat esok sebelum memutuskan untuk membuat pendedahan itu. Abdul Rashid - yang juga mantan pengerusi Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Agama, Tanah dan Pembangunan Keusahawanan dan Koperasi - mencabar Lim agar membuktikan tuduhannya berhubung penyelewengan tanah bawah pentadbiran kerajaan BN.Abdul Rashid hari ini berkata Lim tidak wajar menuduh tanpa bukti kukuh.

"Pada mulanya saya tidak berniat mendedahkan butiran terperinci sekarang, saya tidak juga menuduh sesiapa kerana saya mahu memberi peluang kepada Abdul Rashid menjelaskan kenapa potongan (harga) premium diberikan kepada pihak-pihak tertentu dan kenapa tanah-tanah kerajaan negeri diperuntukkan kepada syarikat-syarikat besar," kata Lim di pejabatnya selepas menerima kunjungan Majlis Suku Cina Pulau Pinang. "Kami tidak bercadangkan mengenakan sesiapa tetapi kerana beliau mencabar saya untuk memberikan butiran terperinci, saya akan dedahkan."

Gonna be an explosive day tomorrow! Err... saya pantang dicabar? Bravo! At least he pantang dicabar with facts not just tok...

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