Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anti Climax on Land Scam

I was waiting fervently for Lim Guan Eng to reveal the dirt of land scams in Penang. Yesterday he was quoted as saying he will reveal it today....

Darn! I was to be disappointed as he gave Abdul Rashid until the 28th of April to clarify the matter or else..... (here)

Why la... why give him until 28th? I want to see blood!!!! People demand to know the truth! I want to know the truth! Tell us and then ask him for his explanation not only to you but to the RAKYAT!


New Twist. Here he claimed he was misquoted. Hmmm.. seems that all BN leaders have been misquoted by their subservient MSM all the time. But reading it, he doesnt seem bothered really when he said he did not challenge Lim Guan Eng but merely challenging The Star:

When contacted, an angry Abdul Rashid claimed he was misquoted in the press.
“The media is playing with words to sell newspapers. I did not challenge Lim to prove that he invited me. I challenged The Star because it was The Star that claimed I was invited.

Then he went on to say the most incredulous thing:

“So now everybody wants me to respond. How can I when I don’t know anything? I don’t care about Lim’s deadline. Who is he to give me an ultimatum? So what? I did my work,” he said.

He said that if Lim wanted any clarifications, he could do so with the Land Office and relevant bodies.

3 arrogant statements in rapid succession. Oh... so you didnt know anything? Which planet were you on since 9th March eh Rashid? And you had the bloody gall to ask him just to seek clarification with Land Office when you were the one approving all those deals? Of course we want answers from you la moron! The onus to answer always lie with the person that signs off!

Average Joe says: Dah buat salah... mengaku sajalah...

It just gets me burning even more to see this issue exposed and the truth be told!

Abdul Rashid is the epitome of what BN has been... arrogant and greed.

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