Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A new DAWN

Has dawn at last reached Malaysian shores? Pakatan Rakyat. New name, same old familiar faces with different struggle and agenda. Are we seeing a new two party rule in Malaysia? Could we be forgiven to think that at last we are going to have a government that respects the voice of the people to be more transparent and accountable.

While the opposition form an understanding, the house of UMNO continues to rumble. Its true when physics tells us, when there is an action, there is an a reaction. While all the talks of reforms and restructuring, we have the hall throwing out someone who mooted the idea of bringing back Anwar Ibrahim. Certainly to those in Pakatan Rakyat, that is not the ideas they would want to hear being bandied around, but UMNO did Pakatan Rakyat a favour... they bundled him out of the hall. How can they reform when they do not heed rumblings of the grassroots? How then can they reform when they allow people like Toyo who espouse the idea of changing policies and not the leaders? Well, am not going to "share" too many ideas with these flers... let them figure out themselves how big a hole they wanna dig and how many flers they wanna bury in the next UMNO General Assembly. Suffice to say that, these flers are all still in denial and I think Pakatan Rakyat should end their misery and take over Federal Govt.


cili said...

hello .. tot you will be banning the newspaper today?

Malaysian Joe said...

I boycotted... this news from mkini... my boycott of the papers is now... 18 days OLD!