Friday, April 18, 2008

New MSM Boycott Initiatives

Most MSM till today are still behaving pre 8th of March. But suffice to say some have toned down on their bias-ness but one can still feel that they are still not as fair in their reporting.

None more so than the banning of Makkal Osai (here and here), reputedly to be the one Tamil daily that was quite extensive in the coverage of the opposition in the just concluded 12th General Election. While I give credit to our Prime Minister for his determination to now straighten the judiciary, either he is really brave and wanting to straighten the whole country before passing the baton or wilfully signing his own death warrant or as Zorro cheekily puts it, his crossover. Whatever it is, his actions today is to be lauded.

I cant say the same to members of his cabinet that has yet to grasp the idea that arrogance will get them no where. Some familiar names come to mind, Syed Hamid, Azalina, Khir Toyo and Ali Rustam for his boo boo blog. Errmm.. by the way his blog dari kacamata.... seems to have been deleted!

Malaysian Joe says, "Rusty, if cannot take criticism... dont be a blogger.. be a bugger!"

Hence, to bring the MSM to understand us, I am willing to listen to ideas on how we can further achieve the idea besides boycotting them. Knowing the fact that we are basically saving RM1.20 which in actual fact is the amount is mostly distributed to the newspaper vendors. No doubt that this exercise would pare down their circulation numbers, we would have to come up with more ideas as to make our voice heard... LOUDER and CLEARER. Apparently only the PM heard it.

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