Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lagi Kisah Babi (Closure?)


In my previous post I blog about the highly politicised pig farm in Selangor and the antics of rent seekers turned religious and racial activist. Yesterday, Malaysiakini carried the news that the MB of Selangor will release damning pictures of Datuk Karim Mansor walking amongst pigs..... I hope Malaysiakini would not mind me sharing the picture up there.. yeah! I am very sure this is not a cheekily photoshopped picture...
I am sure it was thumbs up back then as he was one of the prime beneficiary should the farm project takes off. But today, its a different story and he has taken up other roles.
State Assemblyman Yaakop Sapari released the photograph and hoped that the photograph would put to rest claims by Umno members that they had been against the project. source.
He has since admitted that he was part of the study tour of Germany and he was one of the original initiators of the project. In that article he was also reported to say that one of the ways to reduce the pollution to improve seafood producing activities and a modern farm was needed. Well, different tune, different time, different place and different role.
I hope now we can have a closure on the kisah babi di politikan. Next up, land scam destination: Penang. I will take a keen view of Penang and also the MPSP's kitty investigation as Penang being my hometown I would want to see it once again regain its lost lustre.

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