Monday, April 14, 2008

United in Pole Position!!

It was one of the best matches I have seen so far this season. A match where both teams displayed footballing flair of the highest quality and I was glad I witnessed it on ESPN... hahahaha... I guess I would not be too happy if it was not Manchester United that won the match.

Certainly Arsenal looked more dangerous in the first half as they showed great movement on and off the ball and threatened only for Rio and VDS to deny them time and again... sometimes sheer luck. Thus when Arsenal got the lead, I thought it was poorly defended, the defenders was guilty of ball watching and so was Van Der Sar and it was easy picking for Adebayor to nod in via his HANDS!... darn! I swear it was the HAND of Samson without his locks of hair!

That certainly woke United up and from the ensuing attack, Gallas, (by now Wenger must have regretted buying him) handed United a penalty. Nothing controversial as Gallas wilfully played his arm... :). Then, the drama when Webb called on a retake after Ronaldo slotted in the initial kick to the right of Lehman. Cheeky and to a certain extent arrogant, Ronaldo again aimed his shot to the right of Lehman but the sheer power of it saw it flew past a diving Lehman.

Next a gem of a freekick by Owen Hargreaves. If anyone were to ask me, who is the most improved player in a United shirt of late, Hargreaves would get my vote... most definitely. He showed again with his sheer quality with the freekick which dipped viciously after going above the wall and left Lehman stranded as he reeled off in delight. By now, Manchester United knows that any central facing freekick should now be taken by Owen Hargreaves. He was magnificent even before the goal and United took the lead!

Gawd! By now I was clasping my hands together in prayer for the clock to wind down asap! A few tense moment on both ends of the goalmouth but nothing came of it and the League title beckons yet again. Some tricky matches coming right up.... Ewood Park, Stamford Bridge and JJB. Nothing can be taken yet.... with everything to play for. Tonight I hope Wigan do us a small favour and hopefully we will not need another when we travel to JJB!

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