Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of Sports and Politics

Many times, sports has suffered due to politics. Although I am no fan of Chelsea, I find it hard that some people are politicking the issue of the two Israelites in the team, Avram Grant and Tal Ben Haim. I just wonder when these mofos will stop politicising everything that they cannot agree with.

The poor pigs were also politicized to the hilt! Today these bunch of mofos are protesting about Chelsea's visit to Malaysia. Let me repeat I am no fan of Chelsea and I still think these people's objectives for coming to our shores is more of marketing and publicity rather than improving the standard of football in our country. By right, they should not be allowed to wantonly milking money from their fans... but reality is, they need to for their popularity and survival. They needed to do it! And there are no rules saying that they cant. Their fans have been waiting to see their idols! Drogba, Terry, Ben Haim, Cech, Cole, Kalou, Essien etc.... I do not think its wrong either that they get their chance to see their idols in flesh.

But it is wrong to stop them from coming just because there are two Israelites in the team! If we are going to boycott everything Israel... boy.. trust me.. more than half the stuff in supermarkets should not be there in the first place... many many movies and songs that we cant watch nor listen to because somehow or rather they are connected to the Jews!

And these mofos are saying this? Will it be that if we allow these two Israelites to step on our ground we will be DAMNED for life? Have these two Israelites in any way have harmed your families? Have they done anything to you at all? For all you know, many of you have plunked yourselves in front of the idiot box week in week out rooting for these two Israelites to bring glory to the team you support! Come on... Rais, save sports.. take politics elsewhere.

I do not support Chelsea and I also think Avram Grant is a lousy coach, but I do support their right to come to Malaysia with the entire entourage.

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cili said...

And I support you bambino "muahhh"