Monday, April 28, 2008

Toyo spills garb yet again!

Sometimes I wonder if Malaysiakini carry out interviews with political personalities to spice up our lives or to disemminate information to Average Joes like me.

The full text one can get it here. So pleas subscribe to Malaysiakini.

In Malaysia tis the season for finger pointing. Exactly after all catastrophe, you have some smarter than you alecs around pointing their dastardly finger at every other person except themselves for the disaster that hit them. Toyo is no different.

I almost puke with laughter when I read this

Former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo said he knew it all along that Barisan Nasional (BN) would suffer heavy losses in the March 8 polls, long before the date arrived.In an interview, he revealed how he had learnt of the impending defeat.

Wow.. Toyo, you are now a soothsayer... so you are saying you know you are gonna be screwed? Thats why you spent the night of the election hived in your office shredding those important documents? But you were so arrogant to declare "zero opposition" so you were lying then to keep the confidence up?

However, as the ‘general’ of his ‘army’, he could not disclose his forebodings to his ‘troops’.“I started getting negative feelings when (former Finance Minister and Umno treasurer) Daim Zainuddin said five states would fall to the opposition. As Selangor Umno chief, I couldn’t say it out loud as it would have dampened the spirits of party members,” he said.

Ahhh..there you go... I cant tell otherwise people will lose morale so I must still give a Napoleon type speech even on the eve of the most embarassing defeat.

Khir pointed to the federal government’s arrogance and insensitivity to the needs of the people, even after he had sent up pleas to Umno president and premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.“Suggestions were made, but there was no reaction. Point taken, but where were the responses?” he said.

Err... what kind of pleas? And what kind of responses? Hello? Demolishing the temples! You told PM you are gonna do that? You dare say Kampung Berembang is not your doing? Are you saying that when you wanna screw your people you need to seek PM's advise? Why are you making the PM the scapegoat for the defeat? You are as guilty as others for the defeat. You were arrogant! You were boastful! You were downright despicable! That is why you lost!

Okay.. I have gotten the pin off my chest.

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