Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Samy the Joker - Blame Edition

The blame continues. This time its Samy's turn. As usual, not to be outdone, this expired politician and head honcho of MIC has alot to say and it all has to do with someone else's fault. In an interview with Malaysiakini, he said,

"I will never say that I am a factor for the losses. I know why the losses took place. It is something due to the neglect of the Indian community by the government."

"I have been continuously fighting (against this) and I foresaw that this was going to happen. Six months before the elections, I went to the prime minister and told him 'I have a short programme for the next three years. Can you give some money so that we can boost the morale of the party among the Indians.'

Before that he said that he actually saw the stunning losses coming and then went on to absolve himself off all the blame for the humiliation MIC received at the ballot boxes which saw the entire top brass of MIC being wiped out. Instead he blamed the government and for what he said really baffled me... "six months before the election...."

Really Samy, why six months? Havent you been fighting for the Indians for the last 20+ years? Or was it fighting for yourself and now you see that you are gonna be screwed you are asking money from the government to safeguard your butt?

I think the PM was right to deny you the funds as you would have accumulated more than enough to "boost" the morale with your own money or funds within MIC. Would you not?

"I think after this elections, MIC has become more relevant for the reason that there are many people who need help. There are many people who feel that MIC is the only party that can really help them."

I am flabbergasted.... I have been talking to many Indians and they are telling me the opposite. I really wonder if Samy has been talking to his imaginary friends.

"No. We, MIC leaders, were so friendly with the people at that time. That is why in a year, you would see 25,000 to 30,000 people coming to the MIC headquarters. Wherever we go, we will be surrounded by people because we are easily approachable and people will come and say, 'This is my problem, can you attend to it'

Gosh... Samy... are you sure you are that well liked or were they people who want to wallop you? Last I heard you went to Batu Caves for the recent Thaipusam complete with a dozen or so FRU members. So... are you really sure?

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