Monday, April 7, 2008

Serene Weekend?

For me it was. Quite a relaxing weekend actually. I got to rest my weary body after a weeks' toil and hard labour... it was quite refreshing that I could wake up at 8am and resume my weekend 1 hour of brisk walking... yeah.. yeah.. getting old.. cant jog no more. Walking is by far the best for me to shedding some unwanted kilos.

It has been a drag to resume after procrastinating for the past two months or so. Before that I have gone on a 1 year of exercise of 4 times a week and it has brought some good to my body... start seeing muscles firming up.. though the kilos hardly went away due to my heavier intake of food but heck... life is lived ONCE. Anyway the exercise regime stopped when I came down with a bout of serious stomach flu a few months back and since then I have been lazy indeed.

Sunday was great to walk in the park and after an hour's walk, you really feel like you want to plunk yourself down on the sofa as my lead laden legs refuse to budge no more. It was terrible really but I guess thats the price one got to pay to get it back into the shape you wanted it to. I guess the whole body will ache for the remainder of the week but I am now more focused to start gym again as my upper body really felt lethargic.. aching legs without aching arms does not seem right. So, I am hitting the gym this evening after work. One hour on the threadmill and another hour on weights should put me to a good night's sleep tonight!

While things seem to be quite right for me, it was quite tumultous really for the leaders of our country as Tun Dr. M and PM Abdullah traded barbs on a Sunday. While I have to admit PM Abdullah failed to retain 2/3 in Parliament would have been a failure in the eyes of the power vultures in UMNO, it is certainly good for democracy and Malaysia as a whole and I failed to understand why Tun need to be so caustic in his remarks of the current administration. It is fair to say that BN suffered great electoral loss but its not like PM Abdullah has failed. It was in fact a collection of issues that failed Abdullah.

Well, this post is not about politics. Its about me trying to regain some measure of control over my health. Sometimes, we just need to be aware that as we age, we need to be more conscious and listen to our body more often as it sends out signals that sometimes its just not well. Sigh...talking like an old man...

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