Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another SMS Scam?

I have just received an SMS from +6281510601647.

I find the contents utterly funny:

"TAHNIAH! SimCard anda tlah berjaya memenangi RM14,000 dar Akademi fantasia MLYS, sila telefon Customer care: 006287877526667. Terima Kasih."

Anyone got this as well? Seriously even if it is genuine, I would not know how I could collect the money. It says my SimCard is the winner.... elo.. my simcard??? how la?

How can we report for this case to be investigated? Sigh.. better not waste my time I guess, the police got more exciting case to investigate (like CM uttering seditious statement) than checking out the people who claim that his simcard has won RM14k. Come to think of it, no point as well... as my simcard does not have a bank account... cant bank in the cheque too rite?

1 comment:

cili said...

Babe, should keep the sms i got yesterday for.
Its read, if call them back immediately i can get winning 4D number.
At least, you wont have to worry about sharing your fortune with your simcard.