Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ladang Batu Tumbuk

Gosh... I didnt know there were such huge number of existing pig farms there!

Malaysiakini reported:

There has been an urgent need to re-organise and modernise the industry in line after the Nipah viral encephalitis epidemic in 1998-1999, especially since it affects the needs of some 48 percent of the population.The epidemic caused the loss of some RM450 million in foreign revenue and output of RM600 million worth of pigs annually. About 950 farms were forced to close, more than 60 percent of the pigs were culled, and infrastructure was destroyed. Some 100 people died from the virus, comprising farm workers, farmers, butchers and workers, while about 5,000 workers lost their jobs from the closure of the farms.

On that score alone, I think the value of having such a farming zone is worth it. Funny the article talks about lack of will during BN days in carrying out such a decision as some quarters view it as a taboo and disdain. Kudos then to the Selangor State Govt for acting decisively on the matter.

Now my hope is that they carry out the project transparently and above the board!

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