Thursday, April 17, 2008

Makkal Osai - Part II

Why Makkal Osai was banned?

Star carries the news here today.

According to Syed Hamid Albar, our dear Home Minister, the newspaper has breached some of its licensing guidelines. Yeah! The same Hamid that was telling hoards of lies on Hardtalk not too long ago on freedom of religion in Malaysia. If you all can still remember.

The Home Minister said every newspaper was reviewed on a yearly basis in terms of its contribution to society with regards to building a more united Malaysia and how "we should portray moving forward in creating more unity, understanding and goodwill."

He said there had been many complaints against Makkal Osai.

Syed Hamid said that because Malaysia was a multi-racial and multi-religious country, there were very sensitive issues, which necessitated the need for media guidelines.

I was right! The government has not learnt the lesson of 8th March. Coming from the mouth of the horse, I really wonder who has been complaining. How come when we complained that the other MSM telling lies he did not go and BAN those flers?

Seriously, what is sensitive issue? Even Malays of PAS understands the need for a modern pig farm in Sepang! While an UMNO rent seeker who has fallen off the gravy train is foaming and seething with anger that his rights has been violated!

"We do not simply not renew a licence," he said, adding that the media should be careful in raising issues that were extremist or could cause misunderstandings.

Another open threat to not tell the truth? I really wonder since when is telling the truth a crime? So, I would have to tell our sleepy PM that some of his cabinet ministers are still carrying their bad habits of past into their present. And if he said he understood our message... well maybe he did but his goons especially this Hamid that makes Malaysia looks stupid on Hardtalk... had not gotten the message yet.

Malaysiakini carries the Bahasa Melayu version and its comments, here and here. Similarly echoing that the government has not heed the people's voice.

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