Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Of Balkis and Bunga Tanjung

While their husbands swindle the rakyat's money in the name of development and peace, their wives were busily swindling the rakyat's money in the name of welfare. There is a term for this... we are being screwed left right centre and back.

How much more blatant can the BN government be, I really do not know. First, Balkis transferred the funds out of their account to BAKTI 3 days after the election while it was stipulated that the President of Balkis must be the wife of the Menteri Besar, hence, whatever resolution passed after 8th of March should be considered null and void.. right? On top of that the accounts has yet to be audited!

And this joker called Toyo has the gall to tell people his wife has the right to dissolve Balkis and transfer their preciously scavenge funds from various institutions for safekeeping and future use in their luxurious escapades. Like Jeff Ooi says, its a case of Desperate Housewives!

While Bunga Tanjung their Penang counterpart may have learnt from the stupidity of Balkis has made a "legible donation" to BAKTI, while donating pittance to the needy. It really gets me wondering really.. or was it that they know they will lose the election after March 8, hence they had their meeting before the election... :).

On another matter, there is this certain Appeals Court Judge that sits in as an advisor to Bakti. The name is suspiciously familiar... I thought the name was mentioned in the now famous Lingamgate video? The name Datuk Helilah Yusof rings a bell?

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