Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What next Pakatan?

Anwar celebrated his freedom in the Black 14, White 15 event with 20,000 supporters. Well, are we going to see a new chapter in the history of Malaysia? Again I notice a great disparity in the numbers reported, Malaysiakini put the number at 20,000 while I swear I heard 7,000 over the radio this morning. Now, how can we continue to rely and trust our MSM for "accurate" news?

With the event now a part of history, Anwar also fired the salvo that he has the numbers to dethrone the current government. He also stated that he would not do it with a slim majority... hmmm... smart man... smart man...

The question now begs answer is, Whats next? He is asking us to wait 2 weeks.... an normal joe of the street like me would interprete this as, he will be seeking a way into Parliament soon. Now the question is will it be a PR man that steps down for him to contest or a BN man that steps down for him to contest? 2 weeks as we all know is eternity in politics. Average Joe expects more twists and turns in days to come. With UMNO in turmoil, I would not dare to speculate on anything. Muhyiddin posturing for Presidency... Najib still playing the loyal deputy.... Abdullah's insistence that he will stand for re-election.. Kuli has been quiet since stating his intention to challenge for Presidency of UMNO. Dr. M meanwhile is taking allcomers... currently he is in the ring with Param Cumaraswamy hence I guess he is too busy to spar with anyone else.

Pakatan on the other hand seems to have some rough edge to smoothen. Recent statements made by Tok Guru and Haron Din may have unsettled many who would have thought the Islamic State issue is dead a buried but some ulamaks in PAS just would not let it stay down... and raise the ire of DAP who has been uneasy with PAS on this matter all along, despite the fact that they had a common platform, I really wonder why these mofos are still harping on these issues. It could be to touch base with their grassroots maybe.... then again, I think Anwar has got it right in saying that his priority is building strength and unity in PR before venturing out to take on the troubled but still formidable armada led by UMNO.

Over to you Pakatan, I would love to hear what you have lined up next for Malaysians.

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