Friday, April 4, 2008

Samy's Comedy Part Deux


Free Hindraf 5: MIC chief returns fire
RK Anand Apr 3, 08 6:42pm
MIC president S Samy Vellu today launched a counter attack against those who assailed him for calling on the government to free the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders detained without trial. Kicking off with Umno vice-president and Malacca Chief Minister
Mohd Ali Rustam, he said: "I don't worry about Ali Rustam." "Whatever he says has nothing to do with me. He has got his own politics but I have no politics. I am talking as a man who feels for the people inside," he added when asked about this during a press conference at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. On Monday, Ali Rustam told the MIC president not to use the Hindraf issue for his own political interest.

Dei, I thought you two were the best of buddies.... no? Isnt he trying to help you out? To make you look good? No? Sure it has everything to do with you.. you guys are playing the same politics - BN's politics... Beg to your masters... when given crumbs... go forth and tell your people "Be Grateful!" It worked it the past but...

Geez... today, they do not need to beg.... in Perak.. in Kedah... in Penang... no more lease extension.. they get permanent title... isnt it better than err... BN's consensus?

Next in Samy Vellu's line of fire were the critical voices in Hindraf.
"The second day after I said this (free the five), a lot of Hindraf fellows were attacking me.
"I know why they attacked me, they like them (the five) to be in detention for a long time in order to attain their political status ... I think it is real nonsense.

Yes... indeed you are real nonsense. Sam, read my lips.. "The people do not need you anymore" Nothing more to do actually... just stay as President of MIC till the next election and guide it into oblivion. You crucified them.. were a party to sending them to Kamunting and now you want to help them? Yeah... NONSENSE..

"When somebody is trying to help them, they are saying 'leave us, leave us, you are not genuine'. "How do I prove I am genuine? You think I have to put a plastic soda on my body, clean and make my skin white before they believe me."

Sam, you dont have to pull off another Michael Jackson's act.... please be reminded he is known as Wacko Jacko.... How?? Just keep quiet and resign. But I would prefer you to stay on so that MIC dies a natural death.

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cili said...

hahahaha your last line 'died natural death' is so funny' hahahaha