Monday, April 21, 2008

ERL - Express Rail Link out of your Pockets!

Until Citizen Nades uncovered the above story in The Sun today, not many of us know the "mechanics" of all these concession agreements. I was aghast nonetheless, to find out that I have been paying for the ERL whether I use it or not. For the records, Citizen Nades has it that international departures contribute RM6/= per person while domestic departures contribute RM2/= per person regardless if you depart from KLIA or LCCT. Basically they all "tak kira where you terbang from... as long as you terbang from these two airports, you DONATE to ERL."

On top of that, I am also confused as to why would Air Asia not operate out of KLIA. For a start, the airport tax differential between LCCT and KLIA isnt really that much and on top of that KLIA provides so much more ammenities and convenience to travellers especially ones to international destinations. Imagine walking... walking and more walking.. no walkalator.. no aircond passageways!! But I have also bumped into Jeff Ooi's article on his take on Francis Yeoh and his urgent train makes real sense now why YTL wants the train service to take off. Are there more draconian concession agreements to be signed??? After all isnt the ERL under YTL as well?

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