Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buy No Lies, Save on Sale!

This is my 10th day...... and the pain of not having it eases by the day... maybe.. just maybe the cold turkey treatment worked for me, but its still too early to tell. But heck, the small savings I made goes toward paying for Malaysiakini as well as some small luxuries for myself, haha.. like an extra cup of teh tarik in the morning!

I actually wonder how many out there is taking this boycotting seriously. I actually started boycotting before they announce the dissolution of Parliament as I cant take the news no more. Then, they had to do it la... announce the dissolution, then out of curiousity as to what they are saying in MSM, I started buying again.. and jeepers creepers.. I got hooked... coz I needed some jokes to make me cry! Yeah.... jokes to make me CRY!

Then it came 16th March 2008... that is my liberation day... I told myself.. NO MORE PAPERS! It was difficult at first but it gets better and better by the day. Although I still sneak into MSM online portals for some jokes.... its quite amazing really what it has done to me. Just that my wifey is saying I am out of my mind.... and all because of me, she is now deprieved of all the "SALE! SALE! SALE" adverts to tempt her. In a way, I think its a blessing in disguise for me... phewwwww.... $$$$ SAVED!!! Know what I mean? Otherwise it will be, hey this is cheap, that is cheap, lets get this... lets get that... urrrggghhh....

Okay.. okay.. now, this is something that I discovered which I have shared with you guys out there! Boycott the Lies.. and Save on SALE!!!! Killing two birds with one stone! Dont thank me... thank Haris for initiating this program!

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cili said...

Bcos of you boycotting, i also boycott (actually was semi boycotting since before election also), now bf also force to boycott bcos of me and he said torture and sneak behind my back reading star at mamak stall '*(&^)^#*(&^#*($&*(@&$)^$@&#$