Friday, April 11, 2008

Blogs Blogs Everywhere!

First it was our ex Selangor MB that started his blog. ( How refreshing. Boasting of hits in a day which will probably take my blog an eternity to attain. I guess thats what a "famous name" can do to the blog. But lately his blog is fast becoming the blog isu babi.... but its actually very interesting to see him now taking the rakyats interest to heart but his actions in the past seems to betray this very attitude of his.

Then, I "stumbled" upon Dr. Chua Soi Lek's blog ( Refreshing but lacks certain conviction as to what he stands for but I guess its a good avenue for him to reach out to a wider audience and he should spend more time speak on matters that has jaded MCA and issues affecting the people as a whole. I am appalled that he is still taking the stand of championing Chinese rights... well, maybe because he is still doing it within the context of MCA.

On both counts I find them quite a refreshing breath of views as the views comes from people who have been in there before and could explain more accurately what has happened and what may happen. Then again, its their ideas they are espousing but its for us to disect those statements and arrive at our own conclusions.

Well done and I hope to continue reading their write ups!

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zewt said...

i really wonder if they are the true author of those blogs.