Monday, April 14, 2008

Lagi Lagi..Babi...tak habis habis...

Read the news in the "traditional" copy of The Sun this morning but failed to find the link in the website so, I got to wait for an "official" news before I can comment. Well, it came, Malaysiakini carried the news in the BM section. Read here.

It is hardly surprising that the one leading the "demonstrating delegation" was the lead benefactor to the pig farming project that is to be carried out. I am sure, if BN retains power and the project get the official GO, he will gladly go to ground to tell the people the "benefits" of having such a modern facility. But, as fate has it. BN did not retain power and hence his millions just evaporated.

Dr. Lee Chong Meng (famously known as Dr. Ayam) spilled the beans when he told newsmen that BN State Assemblyman for Tanjung Sepat, Datuk Karim Mansor, together with village head, were entrusted the job of forming a Bumiputra company to form a JV with their German counterparts to bring the technology to Malaysia and in the process they are to charge the farmers RM50/pig for treating the discharge. This apparently was deem way too expensive but since the state government has given the go-ahead, all was nice and dandy until 8th March 2008 that is.

Since then, Datuk Karim and his band of village people have held a demonstration in Shah Alam to "vent their anger" over the "insensitiveness" of the state government to have the farm situated in a Malay area.

Now if we catch the idea, Datuk Karim is definitely pissed. First he was denied his millions. Whats worse, its going to be built in his own backyard.. of which he was ready to have it before but not now. Coz no more money to be made la.. what else? So he huddle together a bunch of people, most of them probably clueless of the benefactor went ahead with the demonstration based on their religious morals. Either that or they are the kuncu-kuncu who are the sub-contractors for the project.

Now, lets read this against the backdrop of yet another pissed leader of BN. The Land Scam in Penang. News has it that Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, also the defeated Sungai Bakap State Assemblyman is now under investigation for the huge land scam in Penang, and Datuk Abdul Rashid, according to the news, was one of the VOCAL UMNO leader in the illegal demonstration at Komtar on March 14 to champion Malay rights! Beat that! He has stolen from the people he is suppose to protect and he now raises his voice as champion?

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