Friday, April 25, 2008

Calling Anwar's Bluff?

Part 1 and Part 2

We have some serious reaction by our DPM in denying that DSAI can muster enough to make the new government, it is interesting to note this la...

If BN is so sure that no one will go frogging this season, why even bother to deny or send snoop squad all over to "spy" on some "unfaithful" members? Yet, Anwar's continued goading and statements of defection have caused a certain unease in BN.

While Ong Kian Ming has made some point in Part 2, that it will be better for PR to takeover a year or so down the road in view of economic uncertainties as well as more severe political fallout in BN, I would be of the opinion, instead of focussing on attacking the opponent when they are weak, PR should take a look at themselves if they have what it takes to govern the country.

On a personal note, I would like to see a change. Like many Malaysians, we believe any change will be better than no change as it is today as no government can do any more worse than what BN has done in the last 4 years.

But the question of the day really is, anyone willing to call his bluff? With the stakes getting higher by the day in all or nothing game, suddenly no one even dares to say, "CALL" let alone "SHOW HAND"! Geez.. I am no poker face and am not good at it.. let others comment la...

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