Monday, April 28, 2008

Change Lifestyle? Again?

This statement of urging the people to change lifestyle comes as easily from all our elected ministers. I remember once, this Najib asking us to change our lifestyle when petrol price was hiked. Easier said than done. Most Malaysians are down to the bone right now if you ask me. And now comes another statement of Change Lifestyle from our new Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Sharir Samad.

I had quite a lot of respect for him..... before this

"Shahrir urged Malaysians to change their eating habits to cut the impact of rising rice prices. "We have to see changes in lifestyle among Malaysians to accommodate this economic situation," he said."

Now, what? Dont eat rice? What else can we eat that its price has not gone up? I feel like everything whether edible or not, the price has risen astronomically! Now if only our leaders have not screwed the country in the past, I think we Malaysians can definitely afford a couple of lifestyle changes.

IF only RM1=SGD1. Get my drift? Thats where we started off right? Today we are 60% poorer than we used to be, so if only... IF ONLY it is still at par, I think we can have a lot of flexibility and excesses in our lifestyle to adjust. Wont we? But NOOOOOO, we are RM2.30 = SGD1!!

Majority are already eating cheap rice. Any cheaper varieties around? Bread? Heck! Its more expensive than rice! Tell me Sharir! What is a cheaper alternative!?

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