Tuesday, July 1, 2008

9MP Mid Term Review

Blah.. blah.. blah...

I am not an economist, neither am I a politician.

The news read, PM to boost 9MP by a further RM30billion. Wow! Thats a lot of money... probably from the fuel subsidy savings? Fair enough... take the money from fuel subsidy... where is it going into? By the way, for the record the shelve RM3bil from Penang... PORR and Monorail project... so, its RM33 billion pumped in to "spur" certain other sectors.

Now, they are taking the money out of subsidies into?????

Well the big chunk is recorded here..

Improving education quality and accessibility

"The government will continue to emphasise education as an integral part of its development plans. Among others, greater focus will be given to rural education in order to reduce the wide gap in academic achievement between rural and urban schools.

"With regard to this, RM13.5 billion will be allocated to improve school infrastructure, provide more (Information and Computer Technology) ICT facilities as well as encourage more experienced teachers to serve in rural areas. Special emphasis will be given to rural schools in Sabah and Sarawak.

"Also, national type Chinese and national type Indian schools will continue to be given aid and upgraded."

RM13.5 billion!!!!! Someone is getting very rich supplying laptops and network wiring in schools.. how much has it been allocated in the past? My son's school is in KL itself... the PTA contributed PCs to the school... we parents pay RM30 per kid for the use of computers in school! My kid says the PC is so darn slow... home one better! Imagine RM30 per kid per annum.. assuming a school has 800 students, the school actually collects RM24,000 per annum!!!! That is enough money to buy at least 20 new PCs a year! RM13.5billion? for what? Teacher's laptops? OHPs? Projectors?

National energy policy

"The development of a sustainable energy sector is critical to ensure energy sufficiency for the economy in the long term. Energy efficiency initiatives will be intensified to affect more productive and prudent use of energy resources.

"The government will also step up R&D activities in clean and cost-effective renewable energy towards enhancing energy security. Given that the nation's hydrocarbon energy supplies are depleting, and to ensure long-term energy security, the government will draft a comprehensive National Energy Policy."

Open up the freaking grid and let Malaysians determine whom they want to buy power from and allow Malaysians to implement within their communities clean energy initiatives! Do we need a National Policy on this? Stop the freaking monopoly by TNB!

Public transportation improvement to be prioritised

"... The coverage of the urban rail transit system will be extended while more integrated public transportation terminals will be built. Furthermore, the efficiency of commuter train, bus and taxi services will be enhanced in order to reduce the usage of individual vehicles compared to the usage of public transport, particularly in the Klang Valley.

Oh my GAWD! How much more are you going to talk about it? Still no action? Last time round petrol increase two years ago already been talking... two years later petrol prices flying off the roof... you are still talking... PM.. I sudah MUAK dengar.. OI!!! And.. and... Monorail.. Penang??

Positive' Community Development

"To strengthen the family institution in a holistic manner, a National Family Policy will be formulated. This initiative will involve various services, including counselling, parenting skills training, as well as reproductive health services.

Policy lagi! Why must Malaysians need to be told by their government what to do? Might as well have a CONDOM DISTRIBUTION MINISTRY next time you want to have a National Family Planning Policy! Then make Azalina the Minister....

Then I was stunned... "Reproductive health services" are they going into prostitution? Fertility for the infertile? ahh? Is this the "if you cannot reproduce.. no problem.. we have the solution" thinggy?


Anonymous said...

Ahh... that's our government la....take our money from tax, save some amount on the expanse of the citizens pocket, and splurge on dono what kind of 'plan' that will soon will have to be 'called off' because they 'can't manage because the economy is not good'.

I'll say... BOWDOW!!! Eh, talk about PC arhh... when I see your math... really arr... they really earn alot, those money who telan ar? I don't think maintenance for the PC is tht high also.

On policy... aiya, u shud know lah, msian government wan to turn us msian into those singaporeans, who will do watever their gov say... gov say "eat ur own poop is good", they also will agree... LMAO

Malaysian Joe said...

PC by PTA maintained by PTA.... PCs by Gomen maintained by Gomen... ehhh????? well thats the info I got from my kids school.

If our country like Spore... I dont mind doing what the govt says... since they are "professionals" here we have an UMNO Info Chief ex MB who no speak the ingris.. no using the IT.. how to call him professional? sigh... sigh... sigh...

Anonymous said...

Eh? I din notice lah.... UMNO INFO Chief dun speak engurish? Alamak and they call themself INFO CHIEF...another BOWDOW... i tink ur kids can run the country better than the people now.... semua maciam retarded joker oni.

Malaysian Joe said...

There tat MatMat who got caught red handed in Oz one.... he say he dunno ingris... then he wan to make report on RPK on slanderous article.. need reporter to show him how to get to msia-today.... he is a NATIONAL EMBARASSMENT!