Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pump prices to go Down?

Hey... I was moaning about it yesterday in Spare a Thought.

And later that evening, the following news came out... Here and Here.

So if they are looking at reducing pump prices... now would that mean transportation cost will come down and stuff at supermarkets will become cheaper? Will my favourite mamak reduce their roti canai by 5sen? Will the mix rice flers bring down their prices? Obviously not... we can only seek solace that we wont bleed as much next time we fill our rickety Protons and Kancils up at the pumps.

The official said "if oil prices remain between 120 dollars a barrel and 125 dollars a barrel for two weeks," then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could announce a cut in fuel costs in the weeks ahead.

I think we Malaysians would not moan that much if they let the market price rule the roost. Since they have already made their policy of 30sen subsidy... keep it as such and leave the market to rule the prices. Why must they wait to see if it remains for 2 weeks... then PM announce a cut in the WEEKS AHEAD? How many weeks will it be?

I guess, the next question would be the RM625 that was paid out... yipppeee? We could end up paying lesser than RM1.92/litre this year.. at least.. I have a feeling that next year there will be no more cash handouts.... so guys enjoy it while it lasts.. or lest we let Pakatan take over....?


cleffairy said...

Fuel price? Go down? Please lah... I'd believe that pigs can fly sooner than I'll believe that our sleepyhead PM will announce that the fuel price will be lowered. he must be sleeptalking when he said that1

Malaysian Joe said...

Like the sleepy head says... WEEKS AHEAD...

If I can think of any dates... it will be before polling date for Permatang Pauh BUY-Election.