Thursday, July 3, 2008

Its a LIE!

As speculated in my earlier post here....

I speculated that he will say its all lies! He surprised me by saying it much earlier! Saw the news on Astro Awani @ 7.40pm today in his press conference... The drama script could have been made easier like this:

RPK: Rosmah was at the scene of murder....
Najib: ITS A LIE!
Najib: Anwar is a sodomizer! He sodomized Saiful!
Anwar: Its a LIE!
Anwar: I got proof! Najib is involved in the murder of Altantunya!
Anwar: No! You LIAR!!!

Someone is lying.... but who? Do we want to know? I think we do as we want a leader who doesnt lie to us. We do not want a leader who would not say one thing and do another. We do not want a leader who has the word MURDERER hanging over his head. We do not want a leader who goes around sodomizing people. We do not want a leader who has a wife that claims she has more important things to do than answering to the people.

So, who are we left with? I pray that these charade ends soon.... as I see it, the country is rudderless, Police are threatening the people who would be involve in PROTES that they will get the army involved. They want to instill FEAR... thats what they are good at. I hope sanity prevails and that the survival of the NATION and its people are more important than the survival of a politician who wants to hang on to whatever shreads of power left or the aspirations of one man who would want to be the PM of the country.

I hope whoever wins will be the PM that the country needs. We should all pray that this country called Malaysia survive this period of uncertainty and that we shall emerge with the right leader that will bring back the glory that befits this country.


cleffairy said...

You know... if Tunku Abdul Rahman see is brought back to life and see what happened to the country now, he would have wished that he did not ask for our independence. Who wouldn't? Malaysia politicians are now reduced to quarreling kindergarten children, and instead of acting selflessly to serve the country and the people, they are ruining the country with their own personal agenda.

All Hail the Queen! Long live the Queen! *smirk*

Malaysian Joe said...

Tunku is one man that acknowledges his vice for good drink and horse racing despite his religious background and admitted that he is only human and he has weaknesses... today I see people trying hard to be righteous all the time..