Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lets do Maths

Malaysians are made up of about 55% Malays and 45% non-Malays. Some even dare to say that 90% of tax payers are non-Malays.

Read this news and do some maths. Its carried out in the Star's web portal today.

Parliament: RM428m to build mosques


KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has allocated a total of RM428mil to build mosques and suraus, and RM8.1mil to build churches, kuils and temples, said Datuk Mohd Johari Baharom, deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department in his written reply to Nga Kor Ming (DAP - Taiping).

The Government spent RM3.93mil for kuils, RM3.16mil for temples and RM1.6mil for churches.

Such allocations for the years 2009 and 2010 would be determined by the Government later, he said.

Since 1991, he said the Prime Minister had allocated RM1mil for the physical development of churches and temples and RM1mil for kuils starting from the year 2000.

A co-ordinating unit under the Prime Minister's Department would approve the applications for non-Muslim projects, he explained.

Based on the allocation, Kuils, Churches and Temples get 1.86% of the allocation while Mosques takes up 98.14% of it. So, 45% of the population gets 1.86% of the allocation while 55% of the population benefit 98.14% of the allocation.

Since 90% of the tax contributors are non-Malays hence do we now want to determine if the tax money is HALAL? So is the use of taxpayers money to fund building of mosques and suraus are from HALAL money?

The maths just dont add up....but WE HAVE TO APPRECIATE AND BE GRATEFUL! So shut up and say Thank you....


Anonymous said...

Eh...I barely pass math and i failed add math during SPM, u know...I'm not good at math unless it involve my own money.There are so many mosque all over the country, and from my observation, some are only full of congregation during Friday prayers, Ramadhan and rayas. It's sad to see that most mosque, especially around KL lack of human breath during normal days.

There are fair amount of churches and temple... still nid summore arh?

Actually the government do not need to allocate so much $$ for these kind of thing. They are overdoing it lah.It's better if they can channel it to improve our infrastructure or strengthen our economy to reduce deficits so that the middle class and the poor can benefit from it...

About how they determine wether the money is HALAL or not*tongue in cheek*... maybe they went to those religious bodies and have them endorse on the money or have them issue halal cert for the money. LMAO. okay, that was a mean joke. LOL

Malaysian Joe said...

Yes. I agree money could be better spent elsewhere... and seriously, we dont need allocations to build churches, we can raise enough on our own. What we need is speedier approval of buying over shop lots... LOL.